A Little Extra Care
for new and existing smartphones
12th April 2021 - 30th June 2021
20% off on Spare Parts for Eligible Devices
Free Screen Protector
Free Clean-up Service
We want to reward all our customers, whether you have an existing smartphone or a new one.
Get a complete package of exciting new rewards including extended warranty, spare parts discount and free service gift package.

Free 6-Month Warranty Extension

How to participate
A 6 months' extended warranty for all existing and new in-warranty HUAWEI smartphone users. We provide you with additional peace of mind for a further 180 days from the expiry of the basic 2-year warranty period.

20% off on Spare Parts for Eligible Devices

Check Spare Parts’ Prices
How to participate
Benefit from a 20% off on the spare parts used for out of warranty repairs for your HUAWEI smartphone*.

*Please note only eligible devices can benefit from this discount. To see eligible devices, please visit the Terms & Conditions for this campaign.

1. The prices provided cover the cost of spare part. Estimated repair cost = Spare part price + Labour fee£34 + VAT.
2. The prices provided are estimated out-of-warranty repair prices, including local taxes. The quotation provided is purely indicative and COULD CHANGE following an inspection of the device by our Authorised Repair Centre.

Free Screen Protector & Free Clean-up Service

How to participate

Free Screen Protector

Get a free screen protector for your phone and get it applied perfectly without any bubbles or dust!

Memory Clean-up

Unnecessary data and duplicate files will consume storage space and slow down your device. We will help you clear your phone’s internal memory and share a few tips on how to optimise its performance.

Cleaning and Disinfecting of your device

Using our special UV Phone Sanitiser machine, we will clean up and disinfect the exterior of your device in about three minutes.

Smart Diagnosis

We will run a diagnostics test on your device to get it checked for possible faults and help you solve them if any are found.

How to Participate
Step 1: Scan the QR code below to open the Support App.
Step 2: Find and tap on this campaign's banner.
Step 3: Claim the warranty extension and service gift package coupons.
Terms & Conditions for HUAWEI A Little Extra Care Service Campaign

HUAWEI provides a Warranty in respect of HUAWEI branded handsets according to the Warranty policy, which can be found at the following address: https://consumer.huawei.com/ (the “Warranty”).

In addition to the Warranty, this HUAWEI Carnival Service Campaign (the “Campaign”) offers a special Discount on Spare Parts (“Discount”), a free screen protector application, a free handset surface and storage clean-up service, as well as an additional 6 Months Extended Warranty for HUAWEI branded handsets in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this document (“Extended Warranty”).

To be able to participate in the Campaign, end users have to upgrade the Huawei Support App to version or above.

The Warranty as well as this Campaign are provided by HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. or the relevant local affiliate listed at the following address: https://consumer.huawei.com/ ("HUAWEI" or “we”). The Warranty as well as any statutory rights and remedies shall remain unaffected by the Extended Warranty.

1. 20% Discount on Spare Parts

1.1 Period

From April 12th, 2021 to June 30th, 2021, all Huawei eligible handset end users are entitled to get a 20% Discount coupon for out of warranty repair spare parts at Huawei Customer Service Centres.

1.2 Applicability

The Discount shall comprise the following: Customer is entitled to enjoy 20% discount on out of warranty repair spare parts cost only, excluding labour and/or other charges, which is subject to the applicable quotation of the respective Huawei Customer Service Centre (the “Discount”). Quotations, prices and the applicable total discount may vary and/or are subject to changes until the final order of the service.

The Discount is only applicable to the following devices:

Mate Series Mate 9
Mete 10 Lite
Mate 10 Pro
Mate 20 Lite
Mate 20
Mate 20 Pro
Mate 20 X
Mate 20 X (5G)
Mate 20 RS
Mate 30 Pro
Mate 40 Pro
Mate Xs
P Series P8 Lite
P9 Lite
P10 Lite
P10 Pro
P20 Lite
P20 Pro
P30 Lite
P30 Pro
P40 Lite
P40 Lite E
P40 Pro
P40 Pro+
P Smart
P Smart 2019
P Smart 2021
P Smart Z
P Smart+
P Smart+ 2019
Y Series Y5 2018
Y5 2019
Y6 2018
Y6 2019
Y7 2018
Y7 2019

The participating Huawei Customer Service Centre for the Discount are limited to:

1. HUAWEI Stratford Customer Service Centre

Unit 0041, Lower Ground Floor, Westfield Stratford City, London E20 1EH

2. HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre Wembley Park

Unit 26A, London Designer Outlet, Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley HA9 0FD

1.3 Stock of Spare Parts

The stocks of spare parts are subject to parts availability and on a first come first serve basis.

2. Free Screen Protector Application

2.1 From April 12th, 2021 to June 30th, 2021, all Huawei branded handset end users are entitled to receive a free screen protector and a free screen protector application service at Huawei Customer Service Centre.

2.2 The free screen protector is subject to first come first serve basis and while stock lasts. The material type of screen protector is subject to actual supply of the specific Huawei Customer Service Centre.

3. Free Handset Surface and Storage Clean-up Service

From April 12th, 2021 to June 30th, all Huawei branded handset end users are entitled to receive a free handset surface and storage clean-up service at Huawei Customer Service Centres.

4. Free 6 Months Warranty Extension

4.1 Applicability of the Extended Warranty

This Extended Warranty extends the scope of the Warranty and is only applicable, if and to the extent that HUAWEI’s independent and voluntary Warranty applies to the purchased Huawei handsets (“In-warranty handsets”).

End user should apply for this Extended Warranty through the Huawei Support App. Once an eligible user successfully applies, the initial warranty period of the handset will be extended for additional 6 months.

Warranty information of the handset will be updated in one (1) business day from the date of the successful application in the system. End user can query the warranty status through the Support App, the hotline, or the official Huawei website.

4.2 Covered Products

This Extended Warranty applies to all Huawei branded in-warranty handsets.

4.3 Benefits of the Extended Warranty

From April 12th, 2021 to June 30th, 2021, Huawei branded handset end users can receive a 6 months warranty extension to Huawei’s independent and voluntary Warranty. In-box accessories such as chargers or earphones are not covered by this warranty extension.

4.4 Coverage of the Extended Warranty

The handsets must be purchased in the UK at an authorised trader (no second hand / refurbished devices, no private sales, no purchases via auction platforms), where the Warranty period for said handsets has not expired at the time the entitlement is claimed.

4.5 Applicability of the Warranty

The terms and conditions of the Warranty apply accordingly unless otherwise provided in the terms and conditions of this Extended Warranty. This includes in particular the coverage of the Warranty as well as exclusions, procedure of the Warranty, your responsibility and the limitation of HUAWEI’s liability.

5. General Provisions

5.1 Sole Applicability

The Campaign service, as well as the Extended Warranty cannot be combined with other offers, promotions or other purchased warranty products like screen insurances.

5.2 Applicable Law

This Extended Warranty shall be subject to the same law as the Warranty.