Door to Door Service

We will replace your faulty device under warranty at your chosen location via a courier
  • Models Available For Service

    HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro

  • Available Areas

    UK mainland

  • Service Times

    Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM except for public holidays

Length of Door to Door Service Coverage

Warranty Period

1st year

Door to Door Service

2nd year

Standard Warranty Service

For the first year of your HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro warranty, you are able to take advantage of the Door to Door Service.

In the second year of your warranty you will need to have your device repaired via the standard repair service should you need one.

Service Process


    Please backup and erase your personal data and deactivate any pass-code, lock or equivalent feature from the device including removal of your Google account.

  • REQUEST FOR Door to Door Service

    You can request the Door to Door Service by visiting and follow the process.


    Courier arrives at agreed location to deliver replacement device and take away faulty unit.


    Our approved service centre representative will call back and collect your feedback.

* You can either use the HiSuite program on a computer/Laptop and connect the phone via a USB cable, or you can use the phone's pre-installed Phone Clone app in order to create a backup file for your data. 

* Please read the Terms & Conditions before requesting Door to Door Service.


  • 1. Can I request the Door to Door Service?

    If your purchased HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro has a defect which is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty within the first year (according to the original retailer proof of purchase or Huawei service IT system) from the date of purchase, you can request for the Door to Door Service by visiting

  • 2. How much should I pay for the Door to Door Service?

    For any issues covered under the warranty, it is totally free. Terms and Conditions Apply.

  • 3. Is the Door to Door Service available everywhere?

    The Door to Door Service is available throughout the UK mainland.

  • 4. I want to request the Door to Door Service, but when can the repair center issue a new device?

    Good question, the specifics will be arranged after you complete your booking on Generally the repair center will have the courier deliver your new device on the next available working day (Mon-Fri except for bank holidays, terms and conditions apply).

  • 5. What should I do after have requested the Door to Door Service?

    Please make sure you have had the chance to backup & erase your personal data on the device and pack your device carefully to prevent any damage in transit before the courier arrives to swap your faulty device with a new device.

  • 6. Why have I been told that my pre-authorisation has been deducted?

    In the below cases, you might be charged for the service:
    a. Your HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro has been purchased more than 1 year ago.
    b. Your HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro has a defect which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, such as liquid damage or other accidental damage.

  • 7. My HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, can I request for the Door to Door Service in the second year?

    The Door to Door Service is only available in the first year of device ownership.

  • 8. In the second year, if my device has a defect which needs a repair, what should I do then?

    You can contact our hotline and use our standard repair services.

  • 9. If I have lost my proof of purchase, then how do you judge whether the device was purchased within 1 year or beyond 1 year?

    If you fail to show the proof of purchase of the device, we’ll have to adopt the warranty starting date of your device recorded by the Huawei service IT system.

  • 10. If my device was diagnosed with a defect which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty then what will I be charged?

    You will be charged the flat rate fee of £300, please see T&Cs for further details.

  • 11. What type of proof of purchase will be accepted?

    Purchase receipts or confirmation letter from original retailer e.g. Vodafone, 3, and Carphone Warehouse in the UK with printed IMEI are currently accepted.

  • 12. My device was purchased outside of the UK, can I request the service?

    No, this service is currently only available for devices sold in the UK with the original retailer purchase receipt. You can check whether your device is eligible on