HUAWEI Postal Repair Service

Repair your HUAWEI devices from the comfort of your home with the Postal Repair Service.

  • Contactless Repair Services

    Visiting one of our HUAWEI Customer Service Centres is not convenient for you? Choose between pick-up or drop-off off and send it to us instead!
  • Free Shipping

    Whether your device is under warranty or not, we will cover shipping fees for the entire logistic process.
  • Free Diagnosis

    Regardless whether you decide to go ahead with the repair or not, or whether your device is under or out of warranty, our technicians will run a full diagnosis of your device completely free of charge.
  • Real-Time Tracking

    Check the status of your repair in real time from the start of your application until the return of your device simply by logging in with your HUAWEI ID or using your device’s Serial Number (SN).
  • Genuine Spare Parts

    All spare parts used in your repairs come from the original HUAWEI factory and have been strictly tested to meet the standards. We provide with at least 90 days of warranty for the replaced parts after a repair.
  • Qualified Engineers

    All of our technical engineers have been certified by HUAWEI. They are experts about HUAWEI products and follow HUAWEI’s maintenance requirements to assure the best quality for your repairs.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection

    Your device will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after the repair, bringing you a reassuring and refreshing experience.
  • Secure Shipping

    We adhere to strict packing standards to assure safe shipping and prevent damage during transport.


  • How long will the repair process take?

    The turn around time (TAT) for repairs will be 10 working days, including the logistics time. This does however exclude the Out-Of-Warranty quotation period which is at the discretion of the repair center, depending on factors such as the size of the repair.

  • How much will my repair cost?

    The price for your repair will depend on a few different factors, such as what device is being repaired and what component needs replacing. You can check the price for certain components at this web address - - Please note: These prices are only for the component and may not include labor charges. Also, if you cannot find your device in the list then unfortunatley we are unable to provide a price at this current time, and you may have to wait for the service center to raise a quotation, which you can refuse.

  • What are the logistics options for Postal Repair?

    For our Postal Repair Service we use the courier DHL which will collect your phone up to 48 hours after the booking is made. Should you miss your collection, the label is valid for 20 days and you can also take your device to a DHL Drop off Point.

In order to ensure transportation safety and to provide you with a better service experience, please answer the following two questions before applying for the Postal Repair Service. Thank you.

What product would you like to repair?

Do you still have the original package?


Is the battery of your device swollen, is it leaking or has it exploded?


To ensure a safe transportation of your devices, we strongly recommend that you use the original package of your device. If you do not have the original package, please contact customer services on 0800 088 6700 for further assistance.

To ensure transportation safety, please contact customer services on 0800 088 6700 to provide further details of the battery damage. Our customer services representatives will arrange for safe transportation.

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