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HUAWEI Back-up Backing Up While Charging
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Charging while Backing up1

Once connected to a power supply, the phone is charging and ready to back up . While it is backing up, you can still use the phone freely.

HUAWEI Back-Up plug and play

Easy Access

You can connect to the HUAWEI Back-up directly and quickly browse your saved data without any App installation. The back-up stores all your files and the phone’s applications to make switching devices easier than ever.

HUAWEI Back-Up easy access

1TB Large Storage

The HUAWEI Back-up has a large 1TB capacity to store more than 300,000 HD photos or 3,000 HD videos2. This massive capacity memory makes it easy to keep all the information in your life and work.

HUAWEI Back-Up 1T large storage

Back-up in a Second

You can back up 10 photos3 in just a second.

HUAWEI Back-Up backup in a second
HUAWEI Back-Up backup in a second

Portable Recording

Once connected to a PC,
the Back-up changes to a removable hard disk.

  • The HUAWEI Back-up is your image storage center to keep unforgettable moments of family reunions.

  • The HUAWEI Back-up is your portable electronic briefcase to accommodate important working documents.

  • The HUAWEI Back-up is your perfect travelling companion for saving fantastic HD videos.

Water Resistant

HUAWEI Back-up is made of water resistant material4 to handle unexpected splashing in your life.

HUAWEI Back-Up waterproof & safe

Flexible Adaptor

HUAWEI Back-up is easy to use because it can adapt automatically with the fast charger and a Type C cable.

HUAWEI Back-Up flexible adaptor

Smart Design

The HUAWEI Back-up features a simple geometric shape and elegant grey fabric to style your home. Also, you can easily hide the cable in the anti-skid bottom for convenient storing.

HUAWEI Back-Up smart design

1. Huawei Back-up has supported HUAWEI P30, P30 Pro, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X, Mate 20 RS Porsche, Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10 Porsche, P20, P20 Pro, nova4 series, more models are being continuously updated.

2. Data is from Huawei labs. The default average size of HD photos is 3MB/photo and the size of HD videos is 300MB/episode.

3. Data is from Huawei Labs. The default average size of HD photos is 3MB/sheet.

4. The water and dust resistant level is IP54, according to IP Rating Chart.