HUAWEI M-Pencil Tips

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HUAWEI M-Pencil 笔尖

Compatible with HUAWEI M-Pencil (2ⁿᵈ generation)

HUAWEI M-Pencil 笔尖

Innovative Transparent Design

The transparent tip gives HUAWEI M-Pencil an edgy look, revealing the platinum-coated nib. The see-through design lets you write and draw with precision.

HUAWEI M-Pencil 笔尖 透明设计

Tips for Remarkable Writing and Drawing

The 4-tip package offers 2 types of tips for your choice. Transparent tips are designed for a smooth writing experience. Non-transparent tips create paper-like stroke resistance. Note-taking, sketching or refined drawing — all done with ease.

HUAWEI M-Pencil 笔尖 两种笔尖

Easy Setup
with a Twist

With a simple twist, you can replace the tip in split seconds and go on with your writing. Let your ideas flow anytime.

HUAWEI M-Pencil 笔尖 安装

*The tablet and HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation) are sold separately.