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1. Scope of Complaints

You can file complaints on any violations in all types of market and cooperation activities, such as unfair market competition, unfair treatment, corruption of employees (bribery from, shareholding of and employment in resellers), cross-territory infiltration, and goods falsification.

2. Complaint methods

You can file your complaints to Huawei's Consumer BG Inspection Dept:

You can also file your complaints to Huawei's complaint hotline:

As part of the pre-sale and after-sale category and other issues, please check your country in the following URL link Huawei Hotline Contact:

3. Conditions for Accepting Complaints

Real-name complaints are encouraged.You are encouraged to report the complaints with your real names attached. In this way, we can acquire more detailed and accurate information for effective follow-up and investigation. When appropriate, we may notify those who filed the complaints about the investigation results.

The complaints must be true and clear. You should provide detailed facts to us to facilitate our rapid handling. The facts include the information about the person you complain about and related evidences (such as contract and goods barcode).

4. Non-disclosure Responsibilities

Huawei promises that the companies and persons that file the complaints as well as the information they provide will be kept highly confidential.

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