Extraordinarily Interactive

With a revolutionary new interface built on the power of touch, the HUAWEI Mate S will revolutionize the way you use your smartphone. Welcome to a new human-machine experience.

Fingerprint 2.0

Smart Fingerprint Sliding creates an amazing operation experience, which makes it possible for the users to answer calls, take photos or browse pages, by sliding, clicking or pressing the sensor.

Navigation Key Function

You can control the notification bar by sliding upwards and downwards or clear away the existing notification by double clicking. The speed that smartness begets will benefit you a lot.

Knuckle 2.0

For the first time you can use your knuckles to crop and edit images, record screen and even open applications by drawing a letter on your screen with your knuckle.

Knuckle 2.0

Just draw a letter on your screen with your knuckle and you will open the application, at a high speed you have never experienced.

Smart Pressure-sensitive Screen

The true power of 3D touch is revealed with Pressure Sensitive Touch Technology. Press harder to zoom further, preview photos in the gallery or play games better. The possibilities are endless, the future is limitless.

Picture Magnification

Zoom in to view pictures by pressing the picture browsing interface.

Mobile Phone Weighing

Weigh objects by placing them on the phone’s screen.