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We are releasing monthly security updates for flagship models. This security update includes Google patches.

This security update includes the CVE announced in the February 2018 Android security bulletin.

Critical:CVE-2017-13228, CVE-2017-13230, CVE-2017-17760, CVE-2017-13229

High:CVE-2017-13233, CVE-2017-13234, CVE-2017-13232, CVE-2017-0837, CVE-2017-13231, CVE-2017-15265, CVE-2017-15820, CVE-2017-15829, CVE-2017-17761, CVE-2017-17762, CVE-2017-17764, CVE-2017-17765, CVE-2017-14884, CVE-2017-6258, CVE-2017-6279, CVE-2017-13235

Medium:CVE-2017-13236, CVE-2017-13241, CVE-2017-13239, CVE-2017-13240, CVE-2017-13243, CVE-2017-13242, CVE-2017-13244, CVE-2017-13246, CVE-2017-1000405, CVE-2017-14875, CVE-2017-14891, CVE-2017-15826, CVE-2017-14876, CVE-2017-14883, CVE-2017-11043, CVE-2017-15823, CVE-2017-17766, CVE-2017-14881, CVE-2017-14877, CVE-2017-15859, CVE-2017-14892

Low: none

Already included in previous updates:CVE-2017-14914, CVE-2016-6720, CVE-2017-11038, CVE-2017-11120, CVE-2017-11121, CVE-2017-11122, CVE-2017-7065

※For more information on Google security patches, please refer to the Android security bulletins(https://source.android.com/security/bulletin).

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