How to use Cloud backup?

Applicable products: Tablet,Smartphone
Applicable products:
How to use Cloud backup?

Use Cloud backup to back up your device data automatically or manually:

Automatic backup:

Go to Settings > Log in with HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Cloud backup and enable Cloud backup. Your device will be automatically backed up once every seven days when charging with the screen locked and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Manual backup:

Cloud or later:

In Cloud or later, you can select specific items to back up or restore for Gallery and third-party app data. To do so, connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, go to Settings > Log in with HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Cloud backup > Backup options, select the data items you wish to back up, and touch BACK UP.

Cloud in versions earlier than

Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and go to Settings > Log in with HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Cloud backup. Touch BACK UP to start the backup.

  • Cloud backup supports only certain third-party app data. More apps will be supported in the future. For details about the supported apps, see the Cloud backup screen. When restoring app data using Cloud backup, such as WeChat data (excluding the twin app data) and QQ data, a prompt will be displayed, indicating that the current app data will be overwritten by the restored app data. The overwriting operation can't be undone. (A message will be displayed before the restoration.)
  • If you have enabled Cloud Gallery for your device, photos and videos in the Gallery will be backed up in the cloud space via Cloud Gallery. Cloud backup will not back them up again.
  • A maximum of three backups can be stored in the cloud. If a fourth backup is performed, the earliest backup will be deleted.
  • Because backing up data consumes a substantial amount of data, it can only be performed over Wi-Fi.
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