My phone/tablet's battery drains quickly and has a short standby time

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My phone/tablet's battery drains quickly and has a short standby time


  1. The phone/tablet's battery drains quickly and has a short standby time.


1. Too many apps are running in the background.

2. The phone/tablet settings have changed. For example, the screen brightness has changed, or the settings have changed after game updates.

3. The network environment has changed, for example, from an indoor Wi-Fi network to an outdoor cellular network.

4. The battery is aging.


1. Manage apps running in the background.

a. Go to Settings > Battery. In the power consumption rankings of apps, tap an app, tap Launch settings, and then you can select Auto-launch, Secondary launch and Run in background as desired.

b. Go to Settings > Apps & services > Permission manager, touch the More options menu in the upper right corner, go to Special access > Battery optimization, and touch the apps one by one to change the setting from Don't allow to Allow.

2. Try Power Saving mode.

a. Go to Settings > Display & brightness, enable automatic brightness adjustment, and set Screen resolution and refresh rate to Smart.

b. Go to Settings > Notifications, and touch Manage all to disable the notification permission for apps without important notifications.

c. If a long standby time is required, enable the Power Saving mode (by going to Settings > Battery > Power Saving mode).

3.When the network signals are poor, Wi-Fi is preferred. (When maps are required, download the offline map data in advance and use the offline maps to help find your way.)

If the issue persists, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

For more information about battery maintenance, see How do I maintain my phone's battery and extend its battery life?.

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