How to maintain the battery on a HUAWEI phone/tablet and prolong its battery life

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How to maintain the battery on a HUAWEI phone/tablet and prolong its battery life

Phones and tablets use lithium-ion batteries, which do not feature the memory effect. Therefore, it's not necessary to activate the battery by charging and draining it multiple times when using your device for the first time.

Precautions for charging and using the battery:

  1. Use the charger that came with your device.
  2. Keeping your battery level in the middle battery range (30% to 80%) can help extend the battery life. Therefore, it is recommended that you:
    • Disconnect the charger as soon as your phone/tablet is fully charged, to avoid damaging the battery in the long run.
    • If you are not planning to use your phone/tablet for an extended period of time, power it off, charge it from time to time, and keep the battery level at about 50%. If a device remains powered off for an extended period of time when the battery level is around 50%, the battery may be damaged in the long run.
  3. Extreme temperatures may affect the battery lifespan on your phone/tablet. Therefore, it is recommended that you:
    • Avoid using your phone/tablet in extremely low, high, or unstable temperature environments.
    • Avoid using your phone/tablet while charging it for an extensive period of time, especially in power-intensive scenarios (such as watching videos or playing games). If your device heats up, charging and draining the battery for an extended period of time will cause the battery to age faster.

Extending the battery life

  • Go to Settings > Battery, and enable Power saving mode.

  • Optimizing the power saving settings

EMUI 10.X, Magic UI 3.X, and earlier versions: Go to Settings > Battery and touch Optimize battery usage for the system to detect features that consume a lot of power. You can then decide whether to optimize the settings.

EMUI 11.0 and Magic UI 4.0: Open Phone Manager/Tablet Manager, touch Optimizer, and change the settings according to the results.

  • Reducing power consumption when the screen is on

1. Enable automatic adjustment and smart resolution by going to Settings > Display & brightness and enabling Automatic/Smart Resolution. If the screen brightness or resolution is too high, more power will be consumed.

2. Select an appropriate screen refresh mode. It is recommended that you enable standard refresh mode when you are not watching videos, by going to Settings > Display & brightness > SCREEN > Screen refresh mode and selecting Standard. (This operation is not applicable to certain device models.)

3. Disable Double-tap to wake and Raise to wake after going to Settings > Accessibility features > Shortcuts & gestures > Wake screen.

4. Adjust the volume to a suitable low level. A higher volume will consume more power.

5. Close unnecessary apps running in the background in a timely manner, by going to the recent tasks screen and touching the delete icon.

6. Disable unwanted app notifications in batches to reduce power consumption, by going to Settings > Notifications > Manage all.

7. Use your device in areas with a good signal, as continually searching for a network in areas with a poor signal results in high power consumption.

8. Connect your phone/tablet to a charger to charge the accessories, such as its stylus or keyboard, or charge the accessories when the device's battery level is high. Avoid using your device to charge accessories when its battery level is low.

9. Go to Settings > Apps & services > Permission manager, touch the More options menu in the upper right corner, go to Special access > Battery optimization, and change the settings from Don't allow to Allow.

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