Unable to transfer files with Huawei Share

Applicable products: Tablet,Smartphone
Applicable products:
Unable to transfer files with Huawei Share

1. Check whether both devices support Huawei Share.

Open Settings and search for Huawei Share. If the Huawei Share settings screen is not available, it indicates that your phone does not support this feature. Non-Huawei devices do not support this feature.

For phones running EMUI 10.0 or later, Huawei Share will be displayed.

2. Perform the following to troubleshoot:

  • Ensure that the two devices are within the effective Bluetooth range (10 m).
  • Ensure that the screen of the other device is on. Otherwise, file transfers may fail.
  • Re-enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices and try again.
  • Check whether either device has been paired with other devices. If so, unpair the device and try again.
  • Check whether the other device is using Huawei Share to send or receive files. If so, try again after the sharing is finished.

    The Huawei Share, Wi-Fi signal bridge, Multi-Screen Collaboration, Huawei Beam, and VPN functions occupy the same transmission channel. If any of these functions are being used, the other functions cannot be used at the same time.

  • Check whether either device is using features like Wi-Fi Direct or Wireless projection. If they are, disconnect from the Wi-Fi Direct connection or disable Wireless projection and try again.
  • Check whether the other device has run out of storage space. If so, clear some storage space and try again.
  • Restart one or both of the devices and try again.
  • Restore network settings and try again. To do so, open Settings, search for Reset network settings, access the corresponding screen, and touch RESET NETWORK SETTINGS.

    This will only reset the Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth settings (such as hotspot and pairing settings), and will not delete any data or files.

3. If the issue persists

If the issue persists, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

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