The computer is bent or deformed

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Applicable products:
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The computer is bent or deformed

Your computer has undergone rigorous strength testing to ensure that it meets the high standards set by Huawei but it may suffer from slight deformations due to the techniques, technology, and materials used in the manufacturing process. This does not indicate an issue with your computer and will not affect your normal user experience.

Your computer may be damaged if it has been subject to a large external force, such as when heavy objects are placed on it. Please try to avoid this kind of situation. It is recommended that you are careful when using your computer, such as not placing heavy objects on your computer, opening or closing the screen with too much force, or lifting your computer with one hand.

If your computer is bent or deformed not due to external force caused by human errors, it is recommended that you back up important data, bring your computer, proof of purchase, and warranty to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance (users of newly-purchased computers can directly contact the point of sale).

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