Enable Smart Power Saving Management to Optimize Power Consumption

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Enable Smart Power Saving Management to Optimize Power Consumption

Smart power saving management helps you effectively extend the battery life of your Phone.

Open Phone Manager and touch to perform the following:

  • Comprehensive power consumption analysis and optimization: Touch Optimize battery usage to check for power consumption problems and automatically perform optimizations.
  • Enable Power saving mode or Ultra power saving mode: Enable Power saving mode or Ultra power saving mode based on your device's battery level to extend battery life. Once Power saving mode is enabled, the icon will be displayed in the status bar, depending on the battery level. Power saving mode reduces power consumption by limiting background app activity, visual effects and sounds. Ultra power saving mode adopts stricter background app control, allowing you to disable all features except Wi-Fi, mobile data, and any other specified ones.
  • View power consumption details: Touch Power consumption details. In the Power consumption details section, colored bars beneath the Charging graph indicate when your device was charging. Gaps between the bars mean it was not charging. This feature does not consume power. Touch Battery usage to view power-intensive apps and hardware.
  • Enable smart resolution to save power: Smart resolution is a function that automatically decreases the resolution of your device to save power. Enable Screen resolution, and select Smart resolution. Your device will automatically adjust the screen resolution based on the apps that are currently running to save power. Enabling smart resolution may affect image quality. You can also manually set the screen resolution to save power when high resolution is unnecessary.
  • Display remaining battery percentage in the status bar: Enable Battery percentage.
  • Darken interface colors to save power: Enable Darken interface colors (dark mode) to darken the colors of some app interfaces to reduce power consumption.

To learn more about power saving settings, open Phone Manager and go to > More battery settings. From here you can perform the following:

Check power-intensive apps: Touch Power-intensive app history. Disable apps that are not in use.

Once Performance mode is enabled, device performance can be enhanced and adjusted to different scenarios. This improves your gaming experience, but also increases power consumption and may cause your device to heat up.

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