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Enable Virus Scanner

Accessing unauthorized ads or links may infect your device with Trojans and malware that may secretly install themselves and steal your personal data. Running a virus scan can locate and remove potential threats on your Phone.

Virus scan is enabled by default. To view it, open Optimizer and touch Virus scan. The Secure icon indicates that your device is safe. You can also return to the Optimizer home screen and go to to configure the following settings:

  • Smart tune-up: If this option is selected, the system will obtain the latest app configuration data from the cloud to ensure better app performance.
  • Auto-clean junk files: If this option is selected, the system will automatically identify junk files and permanently delete them after 14 days.
  • Auto-update cleanup database and Online virus scan: Auto-update the cleanup database, or scan for viruses under the conditions of Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and mobile data. Select Never to disable these options.

The virus scan reminder is enabled by default. You will be notified if no anti-virus scan has been performed for more than 30 days.


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