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To help you manage your personal data, you can obtain a copy of your data linked to your HUAWEI ID account from HUAWEI ID Privacy Centre*.


This document describes how to request the copy of your data and provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).


* Accessibility of this function varies with the country or region.


About data related to your HUAWEI ID


The copy of your data includes the personal data linked to your HUAWEI ID account, including:


l  Your HUAWEI ID account details and login records

l  App usage of Huawei Cloud, HUAWEI video, AppGallery, and other Huawei services

l  Purchase or download history in Huawei Cloud, HUAWEI video and AppGallery as well as your content browsing history in these services or products


Data stored in Huawei Cloud needs to be downloaded by yourself from cloud.huawei.com. Such data may include your contacts, calendar, notes, bookmarks, reminders, emails, photos, videos, and documents. Function availability varies with country or region.


How to initiate a request to obtain your data copy


Log in to your HUAWEI ID and then click Privacy Centre > Request Your Data.


When you request a copy of your data, we will first verify your identity. After the verification is done, we will prepare the data you have requested. After the data is ready, you can download it to your device. The data will be available for download for 21 days. If you need to download the data after the expiry date, you need to submit a new request.


If a parent or guardian authorises the deletion of a child’s HUAWEI ID account, prepared copies of child’s data regarding a pending data request will be stored in HUAWEI servers for 21 days despite the account deletion. After 21 days the data will be permanently erased.




What are the formats of my data?


We provide your data in its original or in an industry standard format that is easy to open and read. For example:


Your photos, videos, and documents are provided in their original formats.

Contacts, calendars, and bookmarks are provided in .vcf, .ics, .html, or in other applicable formats.

App usage information is provided in the form of a spreadsheet or file (e.g. .json, .csv, or .pdf format).


How to download and view my data


You can download your data to your device and view the files by using a default app (such as Notepad on Windows).


Some spreadsheet apps may automatically round off some large numbers (such as mobile numbers) and incorrectly display them. If you choose to view data in the spreadsheet, we recommend that you use an Excel file.


Can I transfer my data to other service providers?


Yes. We provide your data in industry standard formats that can be imported into other services. When you receive the data, you can upload or transfer it to any service or format you want.


Why is my payment data, device identifier, and email address partly hidden?


To safeguard your personal information and to protect you from theft or fraud, part of the information provided to you is hidden, including your device identifier and email address. If you need such information, please log in to your HUAWEI ID.


The copy I received does not contain the apps, videos, or themes I have purchased


The data provided by Huawei includes the list of all products that you have purchased or downloaded from our services. The actual content you have purchased (e.g. apps, videos, etc.) is not included.


Why does Huawei store my call history?


When you log in to Cloud with your HUAWEI ID on multiple devices, your call history will be stored and synchronised so that you can use any device to call back. Huawei will not access or use such information for any other purpose. To disable this function, you can disable auto-upload in Huawei Cloud settings.


I can't find data about my communications in the requested data copy


Your messages and other communications data has been encrypted on your device. No one can access the information without your device password.


Can I correct the data related to my HUAWEI ID account?


Yes. If you think that your account information is incorrect, you can log in to your HUAWEI ID to edit your personal data.


Can I add other data to the submitted request?


Yes, you can request other categories of data. If you want to request more data from the same category, or data falling under other categories, please wait until your current request has been completed and removed from Privacy Center before making a new request. You can remove previously requested data by deleting it.


I have multiple HUAWEI IDs. Can I obtain the data copies related to all my HUAWEI IDs a time?


No. Each HUAWEI ID is unique. To obtain data copies of multiple HUAWEI IDs, log in to your respective HUAWEI ID and submit a request for each of them.


I can’t find all the data that I was looking for


If you have any additional requests for obtaining a copy of your data (e.g. the data does not include all the services you have been using with your HUAWEI ID or some data is missing), please contact us.


Can I contact Huawei if I’m facing some technical or other issues as to downloading my data?


Yes, of course. If you experience any issues, please contact us.


Where can I find more information about how Huawei processes my data?


For more information about how we process your data and about your rights, please read our Privacy Statements.



Published date: November 20, 2018.




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