Measuring SpO2 on the watch

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Measuring SpO2 on the watch
  • To use the feature, update your wearable device and the Health app to the latest versions.
  • To ensure the accuracy of the SpO2 measurement, wear the watch properly and ensure the strap is fastened. Ensure that the monitoring module is in direct contact with your skin without any obstructions.

Single SpO2 measurement

  1. Wear your watch correctly and keep your arm still.
  2. From the home screen, press the Up button, swipe on the screen, and touch SpO2.
  3. For some products, touch Measure. The actual product prevails.
  4. Keep your body still during the SpO2 measurement.

    If you are not wearing your watch, or wearing it incorrectly, an error message will be displayed. Please follow the onscreen instructions to wear it correctly and measure your SpO2 again.

  • HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series: Swipe right on the watch screen to stop measuring. The measurement will run in the background if there is a notification for an incoming call or alarm.
  • Other watches: The measurement will be interrupted if you swipe right on the watch screen, start a workout with the Health app, or receive a notification for an incoming call or alarm.
  • Data provided is for reference only and not for medical use. Consult a doctor as soon as possible if you feel uncomfortable.
  • During the SpO2 measurement, the watch will also measure your heart rate.
  • This measurement may also be affected by some external factors such as low blood perfusion, tattoos, a lot of hair on your arm, a dark complexion, lowering or moving your arm, or low ambient temperatures.
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