[HUAWEI] Measuring SpO2 on your watch

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[HUAWEI] Measuring SpO2 on your watch
  • To use this feature, update your wearable device and the Huawei Health app to their latest versions.
  • To ensure the accuracy of the SpO2 measurement, wear the wearable device snugly and in the correct manner. Make sure that the monitoring module is in direct contact with your skin, free of any obstructions.
  1. Wear your wearable device in the correct manner, and keep your arm still.
  2. Press the Up button or side button on your wearable device to enter the app list, swipe up or down on the screen until you see SpO2 (), and touch this option.
  3. For certain products, you'll need to touch Measure. The actual product interface shall prevail.
  4. Remember to keep still with the screen facing upward, during SpO2 measurements.
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