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Screen reader apps are designed to assist visually impaired users to use a phone.

Use TalkBack

TalkBack is a screen reader designed for visually impaired users. After you enable the TalkBack service, your phone will automatically read the content you touch, select, and enable, so you can use your phone even if you can't see the screen clearly.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility features > Accessibility and enable TalkBack.

  2. Touch OK.

  3. When you enable TalkBack for the first time, follow the onscreen instructions to learn how to use TalkBack.

    • Browse the screen: Swipe up or down with two fingers to scroll the screen, or swipe left or right to turn pages or screens.

    • Select an item: Touch an item once to select it (not to open it). Your phone will read out the content of the selected item.

    • Activate an item: After you select an item, double-touch anywhere on the screen to open the item. For example, if you want to open Settings, touch the Settings icon once, then double-touch anywhere on the screen.

    • Return to the previous screen: Swipe down on any screen and hold, then swipe left to go back to the previous screen.

  4. Go to More settings > TalkBack tutorial to learn more about how to use TalkBack.

  5. You can also customize other TalkBack settings on the More settings screen.

Disable TalkBack

Press and hold the Power button until your phone displays the Power off and Restart icons. Then touch and hold the screen for 3 seconds with two fingers to disable TalkBack.

Convert Text to Speech

The Text-to-speech (TTS) service enables your phone to read out screen content when you are using a screen reader app, such as TalkBack.

On the Accessibility screen, touch Text-to-speech, then you can:

  • Select a preferred TTS engine.

  • Adjust speech rate.

  • Adjust speech pitch.

Enable Select to Speak

Select to Speak allows your phone to read out the content you select on the screen.

  1. This feature is only available when you're using three-key navigation.

  2. On the Accessibility screen, touch Select to Speak, then enable it.

  3. Touch OK. will display in the lower right corner of the screen.

  4. You can also touch More settings, then enable Read text on images.

  5. When you want to have the screen content read out, touch , then touch the text or image on the screen.

Enable Color Correction to Customize the Screen Color

Color correction helps people with poor eyesight see the screen content more easily.

  1. Go to Accessibility > Color correction and enable Color correction.

  2. Touch Correction mode to select a color correction mode.

Use Magnification Gestures

Use magnification gestures to zoom in on the screen.

On the Accessibility > Magnification screen, touch Magnification, then enable it.

Zoom in or out by touching the screen three times in a row.

  • While zoomed in, spread two or more fingers to further zoom in, then pinch two or more fingers together to zoom back out.

  • Drag the screen with two or more fingers to view other parts of the screen.

Enable Color Inversion

Color inversion allows you to invert the color of the text and the background. When Color inversion is enabled, your phone will display text in white and the background in black.

On the Accessibility screen, enable Color inversion.

Use a Shortcut to Activate an Accessibility Feature

You can use Volume buttons to quickly activate an accessibility feature.

  1. On the Accessibility screen, touch Accessibility shortcut.

  2. Touch Select feature to select the feature you want to activate with the shortcut.

  3. Enable Accessibility shortcut. You can now press and hold the Volume up and down buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to activate the feature.

Adjust the Touch and Hold Delay

Touch & hold delay allows you to adjust the time the screen takes to respond when you touch and hold something.

On the Accessibility screen, touch Touch & hold delay, then select a delay option according to your preferences.

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