How to Clean and Sterilize Your Mobile Phone

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How to Clean and Sterilize Your Mobile Phone

Huawei phones are made of numerous components which require different cleaning materials and methods. The following method does not apply to leather covers and protective cases.

To clean and sterilize the surface-level (including the screen and the cover) of your phone, perform the following:

  1. Before cleaning your phone, please disconnect your phone from any external power supplies, power it off, wait for the phone to completely cool down, and keep it away from fire and water.

  2. Remove the protective case and other accessories.

  3. Prepare an alcohol pad, or spray an appropriate amount of 75% medical alcohol onto a soft lint-free cloth. (If you can squeeze water drops from the soft cloth, you spray too much).

  4. Gently wipe the screen, rear cover, and sides of the phone from top to bottom. Do not wipe the areas around ports, slits, or the flash light.

  5. Leaving the phone to dry completely for at least 5 minutes before you use it.

  1. Wipe gently to avoid deformation or scratches.
  2. Do not use other disinfectant (e.g. detergent or bleach) to clean the phone.
  3. Do not spray alcohol directly onto your phone. Alcohol spray is inflammable and may damage the phone. Remember to stay away from fire and electrical sources.
  4. Keep alcohol outside the phone. If any liquid accidentally gets into the phone, power it off immediately and take it to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center.
  5. This method can only be used to clean mobile phones and cannot be used as an effective sterilization method for any virus. How to eliminate the virus should follow the doctor's professional advice.
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