I am prompted that a Radeon Software update in AMD Radeon Settings is available

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I am prompted that a Radeon Software update in AMD Radeon Settings is available


The user opens AMD Radeon Settings and a message is displayed on the right side reading New Radeon Software updates are available, as shown in the following figure.


This is the update package pushed by AMD, which has not passed Huawei's tests. In order to prevent any compatibility issues on your laptop, it is not recommended that you download this kind of update package. To enhance the stability of your laptop, update the driver in PC Manager or visit the official Honor website to find the corresponding model and download the driver you need.


  1. Disable the update of driver in AMD Radeon Settings by performing the following:
    1. Click the Windows icon and scroll to locate the AMD Radeon Settings program. Double-click the program to open AMD Radeon Settings.
    2. Click Preferences, find Notifications, and uncheck Notifications. Click Done.

  2. If you have downloaded the driver pushed by AMD Radeon Settings, perform the following to uninstall the driver and install the official Huawei driver:
    1. In Safe Mode, click the Windows icon, enter "Control Panel" in the search box and open Control Panel. Set View by: to Category, click Uninstall a program under Programs, right-click AMD Software then uninstall the driver. If there is the AMD Radeon Settings in the uninstallation list, right-click the application and uninstall it.

    2. After you have uninstalled the driver, click the Windows icon, enter "Device Manager", and open Device Manager. Expand Display adapters, right-click AMD Radeon (TM) Vega 8 Graphics, click Uninstall device, check Delete the driver software for this device., then restart your computer.

    3. After your computer restarts, connect it to the network and open PC Manager. Click Manage drivers and then Check, install the AMD graphics driver, and restart your computer. If you cannot download the latest version of driver using PC Manager, visit the official Honor website, find your laptop, and download the corresponding graphics driver.

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