[HUAWEI] Sleep monitoring on your watch/band

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[HUAWEI] Sleep monitoring on your watch/band

Keep your wearable device properly on while sleeping, and it will automatically record your sleep duration, and identify whether you are in deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, or awake.

Customizing sleep settings

Such settings are currently available only on certain products, such as HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 Series, HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro new, and HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Series.

  1. Enter the app list, select Sleep (), swipe up on the screen, touch More, and then touch Sleep mode or Settings.
  2. Auto is enabled by default. You can also set your wearable device to enter and exit Sleep mode at a scheduled time. To do so, touch Add time, set Bedtime, Wake up, and Repeat, and touch OK. To delete a schedule, touch it and then Delete.

Enabling/Disabling HUAWEI TruSleep™

Open the Huawei Health app, navigate to the device details screen, go to Health monitoring > HUAWEI TruSleep™, and toggle on or off the switch for HUAWEI TruSleep™. When HUAWEI TruSleep™ is enabled, your wearable device (while it's worn) can accurately identify when you fall asleep, and whether you are in deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, or awake during the night. Your device will then offer sleep quality analysis to help you understand your sleep patterns, and tips for improving your sleep quality.

The switch for HUAWEI TruSleep™ is toggled on by default.

Recording sleep data on your phone

  1. Go to Huawei Health > Health > Sleep > Record your sleep, to enter the sleep monitoring screen.
  2. Touch Go to sleep and place your phone within 50 cm of your pillow. Your phone will then monitor and record your sleep data.

    Touch the icons at the bottom of the screen to select, play, turn off, and set a time for sleep music.

  3. Touch and hold Hold to end for 3 seconds to exit sleep recording.
  4. On the Sleep screen, touch in the upper right corner and then Sleep settings, edit your schedule, and enable or disable general sleep settings such as Sleep sounds.
    Touch in the upper right corner and then Sleeping sounds, to check out the sleep talk and snoring records you have favorited.

    Snoring cannot be recorded if sleep music is played.

    On the Sleep screen, you can press and hold a sleeping sound to add it to your favorites.

Viewing your sleep data

  • On your wearable device, open the app list and select Sleep (), to check out your night sleep and nap records.
  • Go to Huawei Health > Health > Sleep, touch in the upper right corner and then All data, and you'll be taken to the screen where historical sleep data is displayed.

    The recorded data is cleared at 00:00 AM every day.

    HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series: You can view your Sleep score, staging chart, and sleep details on your watch, provided that it's been updated to its latest version.

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