How to find a lost pair of HUAWEI earphones

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How to find a lost pair of HUAWEI earphones

If you are using FreeBuds 5/FreeBuds Pro 2/FreeBuds 5i/FreeBuds Lipstick/FreeBuds 4E/FreeBuds 4/FreeBuds Pro/FreeBuds Studio earphones, you can use the Find My Earphones feature to view the location of your earphones when they were last connected to your device on a map, or play a ringtone to locate them. FreeBuds SE 2 can be located by playing a ringtone, but cannot be located on a map. The Find My Earphones feature is not supported for other earphone models.

Playing a ringtone on the earphones

If the earphones are still connected to your device, you can find the earphones by playing a ringtone. To protect your ears from sudden and sharp sounds, please don't try this feature out while wearing the earphones.

  • Once a pair of FreeBuds Pro rings, if you place one earphone inside the charging case and close the case, while the other earphone remains outside the case, the earphone in the case will continue to ring, and this ringing cannot be stopped manually. The ringing will automatically stop after one minute.
  • If a pair of FreeBuds SE 2, FreeBuds 5, FreeBuds Pro 2, FreeBuds 5i, FreeBuds Lipstick, FreeBuds 4 earphones are used with a non-HUAWEI phone that runs the AI Life app, you can find the earphones by ringing them within the Bluetooth range. This feature can't be used to locate the earphones.

Viewing the earphones' location on a map

  • If you do not enable Find Device before the earphones are lost, you won't be able to use Find My Earphones to locate them.
  • Phones/Tablets released outside the Chinese mainland will need to be pre-installed with HMS Core, not have GMS installed, and run Cloud app version or later.

To enable Find My Earphones, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in with a HUAWEI ID to a HUAWEI phone/tablet running EMUI 11/HarmonyOS 2.0 or later.
  2. Open Settings, search for Find Device, and find and enable Find My Phone.
  3. You can also view the location of your earphones on a map. If the earphones are disconnected from your phone/tablet, you can check the location of the phone/tablet from which the earphones were last disconnected. (If the charging case is lost when the earphones are connected, you won't be able to find it on the map.)
  4. If the target earphones model is not displayed in the Find Device list, troubleshoot by referring to Unable to see HUAWEI FreeBuds series earphones in the Find Device list.

  • On the Find Device screen you'll only be able to see the location where the earphones were last connected, which will be retained for seven days. After seven days have passed, a message will appear reminding you that the earphones could not be found.
  • If the earphones are placed in the charging case with the case closed, and within the Bluetooth range, the earphones will appear as online in the Find Device app, as this helps with obtaining a more accurate location. The earphones will automatically go offline when they enter Sleep mode.
  • If one earphone is lost but the other is connected, you can view the location of both earphones on the map. If you disconnect the earphone that has not been lost, and then reconnect it to your phone, the location of both earphones will be updated, and the location where they were last connected to the device will be displayed. The icons for both earphones will display on the map. This issue will be resolved in a future system version.
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