Configure Dual SIM Settings

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Configure Dual SIM Settings
If your phone has two SIM cards inserted, you can set the default mobile data SIM and the default calling SIM, and enable call forwarding between the two SIM cards.

This feature applies to dual-SIM devices only.

Set the Default Mobile Data and Default Calling SIM Cards

Go to Settings > Mobile network > SIM management and set SIM 1 or SIM 2 as the default mobile data or default calling SIM card.

Enable Call Forwarding Between SIM Cards

After enabling call forwarding for both SIM cards, if incoming calls cannot reach one of the SIM cards, they will be forwarded to the other one.

This feature requires the support of your carrier. For details, contact your carrier.

  1. Go to Settings > Mobile network > SIM management > Call forwarding between SIMs.

  2. Select a call forwarding mode and turn on the corresponding switch.

    Call forwarding between two SIM cards will be enabled when it is configured for both SIM cards.

Quickly Switch the Default Mobile Data SIM

If two SIM cards have been installed on your phone, you can use a shortcut to quickly switch the default mobile data SIM card.

  1. Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel, then swipe down again to show all shortcuts. Turn on Mobile data.

  2. Touch the text under until a prompt is displayed, then select a SIM card and touch OK.

When the prompt is displayed, touch Settings to access the SIM management screen.

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