Setting up the monitor

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Setting up the monitor

  1. Unpack the cardboard box and place the box horizontally with the arrow on the foam facing upward. Take the device and foam out of the box and place them horizontally. Take the base support out of the foam.

    For the ZQE-CBA monitor, you also need to connect the base and support with screws.

  2. Tilt and insert the upper end of the base support into the slot at the rear of the monitor, then press the base support downwards until you hear a clicking sound, which indicates that the base support has been set up correctly.
  3. Hold the assembled monitor with both hands and place it on a flat desk. To avoid damaging the screen, do not press the screen when holding it.

Removing the monitor from the base support

Place the monitor facing downward on the curved foam in the original package, push the quick release button on the rear of the monitor upward, and lift the base support from the monitor.

Before installing the base support, ensure that there are no objects made of iron attached to the support at the rear of the monitor, otherwise a short circuit may occur.

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