Shortcut Keys on a Physical Keyboard

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Shortcut Keys on a Physical Keyboard

Connect a physical keyboard to your tablet, and you can then quickly switch languages, change settings, and work more efficiently.

Go to Settings > System & updates > Language & input > Physical keyboard, and you can then:

  • Touch the keyboard name to select a language on the Choose keyboard layout screen.
  • Touch Show virtual keyboard to display or hide the virtual keyboard.
  • Touch Keyboard shortcuts to view the keyboard shortcuts.

To learn more about some shortcut keys, refer to the table below:

Shortcut keys


[Alt] + [Tab]

Open recent apps.

+ [Esc]


+ [1]

Reduce screen brightness.

+ [2]

Increase screen brightness.

+ [4]


+ [5]

Volume down.

+ [6]

Volume up.

+ [7]

Lock the screen.

+ [-]

Take a screenshot.



+ [PgUp]

Go to the previous page.

+ [PgDn]

Go to the next page.

+ [L]

Lock the screen.

+ [Enter]

Go to the home screen.

+ [D]

Go to the home screen.


Go back.

+ [N]

Open the notification panel.

+ [C]

Open Contacts.

+ [/]

View keyboard shortcuts.

[Ctrl] + [X]

Cut selected items.

[Ctrl] + [C]

Copy selected items.

[Ctrl] + [V]

Paste selected items.

[Ctrl] + [Z]

Cancel an operation.

[Ctrl] + [A]

Select all items in a document or window.

Some keys or operations may vary by product.

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