How to search for and download apps in Petal Search

Applicable products: Tablet,Smartphone
Applicable products:
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How to search for and download apps in Petal Search

Petal Search provides app download and installation services. You can search for and install apps using the following methods:

  1. Open Petal Search and touch the Top Apps or Apps shortcut icon under the search bar on the home screen.

  2. Open Petal Search, touch the search bar, and install the app you want from the displayed app rankings. To view more apps, touch More.

  3. On the Petal Search home screen, enter a keyword related to the app you want in the search bar and find and install the app in the All or Apps tab.

  4. Touch the Petal Search's home screen Widgets to access the app, touch the search bar in the app, then touch the search button on the keyboard without typing any text in the search bar. The app will automatically search for "Find apps&more" and redirect you to the Apps tab where you can download and install apps.

    The Wild Rift app only supports download from the official website. The third-party source in Petal Search may not be available. If necessary, please go to the official website to download.

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