Forgot the PrivateSpace password

Applicable products: Smartphone
Applicable products:
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Forgot the PrivateSpace password

Try the following to troubleshoot:

Access PrivateSpace using your fingerprint

If you have linked your PrivateSpace with your fingerprint when you enable PrivateSpace, access the space with your fingerprint and transfer the data to MainSpace (you can use Space Clone in PrivateSpace). You can then delete this PrivateSpace and create a new one.

If you have not set fingerprint unlock for MainSpace, you will not be able to access your PrivateSpace from the lock screen using your fingerprint. It is recommended that you enable fingerprint unlock for MainSpace, or search for and access PrivateSpace in Settings.

Delete PrivateSpace

If you have not set Password protection for PrivateSpace or you have not enrolled a fingerprint for the space when you created it:

The password may have been changed by someone who knows the password. In this case, delete your PrivateSpace. Deleting PrivateSpace may delete all data in the space. Exercise caution when doing this. To delete PrivateSpace:

Open Settings, search for and access PrivateSpace, go to > Delete PrivateSpace > Delete, and enter the MainSpace password instead of the PrivateSpace password to delete PrivateSpace. Then create a PrivateSpace again.

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