What is a FIDO security key?

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What is a FIDO security key?

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) is a technical specification for online user identity authentication. It is used in scenarios such as fingerprint login and two-factor login, allowing you to use biological features or a FIDO security key to log in to your online accounts. Since it improves security, protects privacy, and simplifies the verification experience, devices such as Windows devices, iPhones, and Huawei phones all support this verification solution.

When FIDO is applied to a two-factor authentication scenario, a portable security key hardware device may also be required in addition to a password as the second factor to perform authentication. The appearance of FIDO security key hardware devices is similar to that of USB flash drives and USB keys. They also function like some USB keys. You need to touch the buttons on them to confirm your operation.

To some extent, a HUAWEI FIDO security key can serve as a substitute for a security key hardware device. This can be used for authentication when a FIDO security key hardware device is required.

Two-factor authentication (2FA): It is also called two-step authentication and is a security authentication process. In this authentication process, you are required to provide two different authentication factors to prove your identities, thereby better protecting your user certificates and resources accessible to you.

For two-factor authentication, you are required to provide a second factor other than your password. Generally, the second factor is a security token or a biometric recognition factor, such as fingerprint and face enrollment. For example, when transferring money, you need to confirm the transfer on the USB key in addition to providing your password.

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