[HUAWEI] Unable to charge my watch using a wireless charger

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[HUAWEI] Unable to charge my watch using a wireless charger


When the user uses the wireless charger to charge their watch, the charging icon is either not displayed, or it flashes on and off, or the watch charges very slowly.


Your watch's charging efficiency may decrease, or the charging may be abnormal or occasionally interrupted, if you are not using a standard adapter, the watch's coil deviates too much from the center of the wireless charger's coil, or there's a large gap or foreign objects between the watch and the charger.


  • It is recommended that you use the original wireless charger and a 5 V/2 A adapter, an adapter with higher specifications, or a CCC-certified adapter to charge your watch. If you charge your watch using a computer USB port, or a third-party adapter or wireless charger that has not been certified as having met the safety requirements, the watch may not charge properly, and may be at risk of damage.
  • If your watch fails to charge, remove and re-insert the adapter. If the issue persists, try using another power adapter to charge the watch.
  • It is recommended that you remove the white rubber from the charger to avoid it impacting the charging efficiency.
  • Ensure that there are no foreign metal objects between your watch and the charger during charging.
  • When you are using a Huawei wireless charging stand or pad, check whether the coil of the charger is aligned with your watch. If you are using a non-standard charger where the coils are not aligned, charging will be inefficient and prone to interruptions, or the watch will heat up. [Note: WATCH D only supports its original wireless charger.]
  • Check whether your watch has been updated to the latest version. If not, update it to the latest version and try again.
  • Do not charge the watch in a high-temperature or high-humidity environment. When the temperature is high, charging will be slow due to thermal protection measures in place. When the temperature falls within the tolerable range, charging will automatically return to normal.
  • Remove your watch from the charger and restart it, or press and hold the Power button for more than 12 seconds to charge your watch again.

If the issue persists, take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

  • If you use a charger that did not come with your watch, the charging power will vary depending on the specific case at hand.
  • It is recommended that you use the original wireless charger to charge your watch.
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