[HUAWEI] ECG measurement on your watch

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[HUAWEI] ECG measurement on your watch

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a graphical recording of the heart's electrical activity. ECGs provide an insight into your heart rhythm, and can help identify irregular heart beats and screen for potential health risks.

Before you start

  • This feature shall be used in accordance with the laws and regulations of medical devices in your local jurisdiction.
  • This feature is not intended for users below the age of 18.
  • This feature is not intended for people with pacemakers or other implanted devices.
  • Strong electromagnetic fields will lead to severe ECG signal distortion. Avoid using the ECG feature in environments with a strong electromagnetic field.
  • Check that your phone has a SIM card inserted.
  • This feature is not medical software. All data obtained during the use of the ECG app is for reference only, and should not be used as a basis for medical research, diagnosis, or treatment.

Preparing for measurement

To use this feature, download the latest version of the Huawei Health app from HUAWEI AppGallery, or update the installed Huawei Health app to its latest version.

If you're using ECG for the first time, go to Huawei Health > Health > Heart > ECG, and follow the onscreen instructions to activate the ECG app.

Measuring your ECG

  1. Wear the device properly on your wrist, enter the app list and select ECG ( or ). If you're using the feature for the first time, specify which wrist you're wearing the device on. You can then change this setting anytime on the ECG app home screen by touching the Settings icon at the bottom.
  2. Place your arm flat on a table or your lap, with your arm and fingers relaxed.
  3. Gently place a finger of your free hand on the electrode (Down button) and hold still, to initiate a measurement.
    • During the measurement, hold still, breathe evenly, and avoid speaking. Keep your finger in proper contact with the electrode, but avoid pushing too hard on it.
    • Dry skin can undermine the measurement. If you notice that your finger is dry, moisten it with a little water to enhance conductivity.
    • The duration of a single measurement is 30 seconds.

  4. Keep still and wait till the measurement is complete, and view your result on the watch screen. You can touch to check out the result description. For more details, open the Huawei Health app on your phone, and go to Health > Heart > ECG.

Result interpretation

  • Please consult with medical professionals about your measurement results. Do not interpret the results on your own or self-medicate.
  • This feature cannot detect blood clots, strokes, heart failure, or other types of arrhythmia or heart issues.
  • This feature cannot detect heart attacks or related complications. If you feel pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest, or experience any other symptoms, seek medical assistance immediately.
  • Do not adjust your prescription based on the data provided by this feature without first consulting with medical professionals.
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