HUAWEI WATCH Buds earbuds guide

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HUAWEI WATCH Buds earbuds guide

Consider the following wearing conditions to ensure optimal audio quality, noise cancellation performance, and connection.

  1. The silicone ear tips are available in three sizes (S, M, and L) to fit different ear sizes. You can also use two ear tips of different sizes.
  2. Insert an earbud into your ear canal and gently rotate the earbud to ensure that it sits in a comfortable angle, depth, and tightness. See the following figures.

    Don't block the tail of the earbuds, as this can affect noise cancellation performance and connectivity.

  3. When using the earbuds for the first time, it is recommended that you perform the Tip fit test. On your phone, open the Health app, go to Devices, select the WATCH Buds in the device list, go to Earbuds management > Tip fit, and complete the Tip fit test following the on-screen instructions.

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