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Device Privacy & Security
Biometrics Security
Our cutting-edge biometric identification system ensures that your identity can only be verified by yourself, through your unique biometrics data, like your facial and fingerprint data.
HUAWEI Privacy Facial Recognition
  • Fingerprint
    Fingerprints are physically unique for each and every human being, and are mainly used for the purpose of identity verification and other important scenarios. You can use your fingerprint to verify your identity and unlock your device's screen. The entire process of fingerprint data entry and pre-processing, fingerprint feature extraction, fingerprint template generation, and fingerprint authentication are all conducted in a secure, isolated, and trusted environment. The fingerprint images will then be converted into feature templates, encrypted, and stored to a secure and isolated location that is not accessible by Android or any other apps. Your fingerprint data will maintain in the isolated zone and will not be stored to the cloud server or anywhere else outside of your device.
  • Face recognition
    Face recognition is a biometric recognition technology that verifies a user's identity based on the user's scanned and recorded facial features. You can use your face to unlock your device or confirm payments. All critical functions and processes, such as facial image acquisition, feature extraction, feature comparison, and feature data storage are performed entirely in a secure and isolated trusted environment. The feature templates converted from your facial features are encrypted and saved in a high-security zone under a high-intensity encryption algorithm. Your facial identification data never leaves your device and is never uploaded to the cloud server or stored anywhere else outside of your device.
Device Security
We endeavors to make each step of operations transparent, secure, and at your control. Our multi-layer protection ensures the security of device unlock, and an app can only work properly after necessary permissions are granted by you.
HUAWEI Device Security
  • Lock screen password
    You can enhance the security of your device with a lock screen password. The lock screen password is stored and well protected on your device using an irreversible algorithm, as well as a unique device hardware key. The creation and verification of lock screen passwords are performed entirely in an isolated space on your device. EMUI also limits the number of incorrect password input attempts to prevent your password from being cracked through brute force. Your lock screen password will also be used to encrypt and protect your personal data, effectively preventing unauthorized access to your storage data without a password verification. When you restart your device, or have not entered your password for three consecutive days, the system will not allow screen unlocking via biometric authentication, such as face and fingerprint unlocking, and a password must be entered to unlock the device.
  • Device interconnection
    EMUI provides device authentication services for devices that are logged in to the same HUAWEI ID, allowing you to perform security authentication over the LAN for trusted devices under the same HUAWEI ID. You can also securely share hotspots and files between devices that are logged in to the same HUAWEI ID through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi P2P.
    Devices that are logged in to the same HUAWEI ID use the trusted public key authentication protocol for authentication and authorization purposes, and to ensure the legitimacy of devices. All data transfers between these devices are encrypted using a key negotiated by both parties, helping to protect the security of your data.
  • Control data shared with apps
    Some apps installed from HUAWEI AppGallery may require access to your Storage, Contacts, Location, Camera, and other permissions in order to function correctly. When you use an app for the first time, permission access requests and related instructions will pop up. After reading the instructions, you can choose whether to grant permissions or not. After you have granted access permissions to an app, you can cancel the permissions at any time by going to Settings.
  • Manage your location information
    Location service determines your location through GPS, Wi-Fi hotspots, base stations, and other resources. When you enable Location service, more accurate navigation guides and local weather information can be provided to you based on your location. Apps can only access your location data with your explicit consent. You can prevent an app from accessing your location data at any time.
Device Data Protection
We have redefined your PrivateSpace, which is a separate encrypted space where you can keep your private data. We also have provided a series of features to help you and your family use digital devices in a healthy manner. If your device is ever lost, measures can be taken to help you find it or remotely erase your personal information, wherever needed.
HUAWEI Privacy Space
  • PrivateSpace
    To protect your privacy, we have provided you with a separate encrypted space that is completely isolated from your MainSpace – your own PrivateSpace. You can store your most important data in your PrivateSpace which cannot be accessed from your MainSpace. You can also conveniently transfer files (such as video, audio, and image files) between your PrivateSpace and MainSpace. You can use a PrivateSpace password or fingerprint from the lock screen for quick and easy access. There is no other way to access your PrivateSpace, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure from unauthorized users. PrivateSpace also provides a password reset function in case you forget your PrivateSpace password. After entering your PrivateSpace, go to Settings > Privacy > PrivateSpace > Password Protection and set a PrivateSpace password. If you forget your password, you can enter your MainSpace, go to Settings > Privacy > PrivateSpace and touch Reset password to reset your PrivateSpace password.
  • Digital balance
    Digital balance provides you with app usage statistics, screen time and bed time management so that you can keep track of how long your phone was used and how many times it was unlocked every day, as well as set a time limit for using certain apps and restrict access to apps during the bed time you set. Your phone screen will turn gray or your access to apps will be restricted during the bed time, thus allowing you more time to hang out with your family, exercise, or rest. Your app usage statistics, phone unlock counts, and screen time management schedules are stored locally on your phone and will not be uploaded to any servers. You can set screen time and bed time for your child, and create a parental control password to prevent your child for changing the configurations or disabling Digital balance.
  • User experience improvement project
    To provide you with the most reliable, smooth-running, power-saving software and hardware system for the ultimate experience, we will collect statistical data on the reliability, performance, power consumption, faults, and errors on your device, as well as data on how your device and apps are being used. Your data will only be sent to Huawei after we obtain your explicit consent. We utilize differential privacy technology to enhance your user experience and protect the data you share with Huawei. This technique adds random noises to the data to prevent us from recognizing your real data. Relevant statistics will only appear if combined with other large amounts of user data and the randomly added noises are removed through averaging.
  • Password vault
    The Password vault allows you to save and automatically fill in app login and password information. App login and password information saved by the Password vault is only encrypted and stored on your device and will not be uploaded to the cloud.
Huawei's 1+8+N Strategy
AI Life
AI Life, as part of Huawei's 1+8+N strategy, is a portal where you can manage 8+N devices and services, including Huawei AI speakers, wearables, audio accessories, Visions, and HiLink smart devices. AI Life will only collect and process the minimum necessary data to provide its services, including your nickname, profile picture, device identifier, and device operating status. Such data will be encrypted before it is uploaded and stored in Huawei Cloud. Services related to some third-party HiLink smart devices are provided by third-party vendors. We will require third-party apps to provide users with privacy policies and describe in detail the data that needs to be collected and stored on the servers of third-party vendors. When adding a device, please carefully read the privacy statement of the third-party vendor.
HUAWEI Privacy Smart Life