Unable to log in to my Exchange account in the Huawei Email app

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Unable to log in to my Exchange account in the Huawei Email app

If you are unable to log in to your Exchange account, troubleshoot using any of the following methods:

1. Check the network connection

  1. Switch between the mobile data and Wi-Fi network, and try again.
  2. Check whether you can send emails via Wi-Fi, but not via mobile data. If so, open Tablet Manager/Optimizer, go to Mobile data > Networked apps, touch Email, and select both Mobile data and Wi-Fi.

2. Check whether the email has been successfully set up

On the Exchange email login screen, go to Manual setup > Account setup, and perform the following steps:

  1. Set Security type as SSL/TLS (accept all certificates), and try again.
  2. Confirm the server address, Port, and security certificate with the email server administrator. Manually correct the information in Settings if necessary.

3. Check whether the Exchange server has any restrictions on:

  1. The maximum number of devices that can be linked
  2. The maximum number of historically synced devices

Attempts to log in will fail if either of the above limits are exceeded. Contact the email server administrator to delete some of the associated or synced devices, and try again.

4. If the issue remains unresolved

If the issue remains unresolved, call the Huawei consumer service hotline for assistance.

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