[HUAWEI] Controlling music playback on your watch

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[HUAWEI] Controlling music playback on your watch
  • You cannot transfer music to your watch using an iPhone. If your watch has not been restored to its factory settings, it is recommended that you link your watch to an Android phone first to transfer music to your watch, then link your watch with an iPhone and use the same HUAWEI ID to control music playback.
  • To use this feature, make sure that your watch is connected to the Huawei Health app.

Adding music to your watch

  1. Open the Huawei Health app and go to the device details screen.
  2. Go to Music > Manage music > Add songs, and select songs to be added.
  3. Touch in the upper right corner of the screen.

    When adding music, you can create a playlist by touching New playlist. After you have created a playlist, you can add songs from your watch to the playlist by going to > Add songs in the upper right corner.

  • This feature is not supported if there is no Music screen.
  • To delete a song, open the Huawei Health app, go to the device details screen, go to Music > Manage music, select the song you would like to delete from the displayed list, and touch and then Delete.
  • The music transferred to your watch via the Huawei Health app can be played offline. It is not necessary to have network connection.

Controlling music playback on your watch

  1. Enter the watch's app list, and go to Music () > Playing, or use another music app.
  2. Touch the play button to play a song.
  3. On the music playback screen, you can adjust the volume, set the playback mode (for example, play songs in order or shuffle them), and swipe up on the screen to view the playlist or switch between songs.

    When your watch has a network connection, you can play songs online using HUAWEI Music. (Some songs require a membership to play.)

Controlling music playback on your phone

  • Open the Huawei Health app, go to the device details screen, touch Music, and toggle on the switch for Control phone music.
  • Open the music app on your phone and play music.
  • Swipe right on the home screen of your watch to enter the HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY screen, and touch the Music widget with a phone icon, from there you can pause or switch songs, or adjust the volume. (If there is no such widget, this feature is not supported on your watch.)

Reference: Unable to upload music to my HUAWEI watch after it has been downloaded to my phone

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