[HUAWEI] My scale cannot measure body fat percentage

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[HUAWEI] My scale cannot measure body fat percentage
When the handle is not pulled up, the HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro is unable to support fat percentage and heart rate measurements, and the Huawei Health app only displays weight and BMI.
  • The scale does not display any information when the handle is not pulled up and you are not standing on the scale barefoot.
  • Fat percentage and heart rate do not display on the scale when the handle is not pulled up and you are standing on the scale barefoot. In addition, turns orange, reminding you to pull up the handle for a measurement.

There are several possible causes of this issue. Perform the following steps:

Enter your correct information

If your information is incomplete or incorrect, the scale will not be able to identify all of the relevant data during offline measurements.

Check whether your personal information (gender, date of birth, height, and weight) is correctly set by opening the Huawei Health app, and going to > Me > Profile. Do not set gender to confidential. Once the settings are complete, you'll need to perform an online measurement in the Huawei Health app to make sure that the scale is able to identify your information.

Body composition measurements are not supported for users aged under 18 or over 65. Users aged under 18 can only use the scale to measure their weight, and users over 65 can measure their weight and heart rate. When any such user starts a measurement, the body fat percentage will display as "----".

Weigh yourself in the correct manner

If you weigh yourself in an incorrect or inconsistent manner, this issue may occur.

Please stand straight and barefoot on the scale. Make sure that your heels, legs, and knees are slightly apart and that your feet are in full contact with the electrodes on the scale.

It is recommended that you link your scale to the Huawei Health app for online measurements

During an offline measurement, if there are two or more users whose difference in weight is 2–3 kg in the Weight management card of the Huawei Health app, the body fat percentage of the user whose weight data has not been claimed in the Huawei Health app will fail to be obtained. You can claim your weight data in the Huawei Health app or start an online measurement instead.

To avoid frequently conflicting data from different users, try the following:

  • Open the Huawei Health app, touch the Weight management card, touch the downward triangle icon next to your personal profile (as shown in the figure above), touch Manage users, and check the user information of all members. Delete any members whose weight data is similar but do not frequently use the scale. Then perform an online measurement in the Huawei Health app so that the scale can identify your information.
  • For HUAWEI Scale 2 Pro and earlier models, deletion of users with similar weight information can be performed after opening the Huawei Health app and touching Manage data on the scale details screen.

Make sure that the bottom of your feet is not too dry, especially when there are calluses, to avoid failed measurements (commonly seen with elderly users)

Try applying moisturizer to the bottom of your feet before weighing again.

If the issue persists

Go to the device details screen in the Huawei Health app, touch Restore factory settings, and link the device with the app again.

If the issue remains unresolved, please call the Huawei consumer service hotline for further assistance.

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