Charging the HUAWEI FreeBuds series earphones and precautions

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Charging the HUAWEI FreeBuds series earphones and precautions

Follow the instructions below to charge the HUAWEI FreeBuds series earphones and the charging case. If charging fails, refer to Unable to charge my FreeBuds series earphones or the charging case.

  1. Charge the earphones: Place the earphones into the charging case and close the case when they are not in use. The charging case will automatically start charging the earphones.

    To charge the FreeBuds 4 or FreeBuds 4i, place the earphones into the charging case and close the case.

    For a better charging experience, the FreeBuds Lipstick is designed to be charged when the charging case is closed. If you are not going to use the earphones for a long time, it is recommended that you close the charging case in a timely manner.

  2. Charge the charging case:
    If the earphones stay idle for an extended period of time, charge them at least once a week to prevent the battery from being damaged.
    • Wired charging: Connect the charging case to a charger, power bank, or computer using a USB Type-C cable.

      The charging cases of the FreeBuds 3, FreeBuds 2, and FlyPods earphones cannot identify E-mark 5 A or 6 A USB-C to USB-C cables when you are using a GaN ultra-thin charger (Max 66 W), SuperCharge GaN dual-port charger (Max 65 W), or a SuperCharge GaN multiple-port charger (Max 66 W). You can use a non-E-mark USB-C to USB-C cable (such as a 3.3 A cable that comes with a Huawei laptop) or use a USB-A charger with a USB-A to USB-C cable to charge the earphones.

    • Wireless charging (wireless charging version): Adjust the position of the charging case and align the center of the lower half of the charging case with the center of the wireless charger. If the indicator lights up, it indicates that it is charging normally.
      • Place the FreeBuds 4 charging case with the HUAWEI logo facing down.

      • Place the FreeBuds Pro/FreeBuds 3 wireless charging case with the HUAWEI logo facing up.

      • Place the FreeBuds 2/FreeBuds 2 Pro with the USB Type-C port facing down.
    • Reverse charging (wireless charging version): Align the center of the lower part of the charging case with the sensing area of the phone that supports Wireless reverse charging. Charging will start when the charging indicator turns on.

  • The earphones come with charging management and protection functions. When using a high-power charger and data cable, the earphones will control the charging power and current, which will not cause any damage to the earphones. Use a standard charger and charging cable to ensure that charging works properly as well as your safety during use. It is recommended that you use an official Huawei charger and charging cable.
  • The earphones cannot be charged when the ambient temperature is below 0°C or above 45°C and they will charge slowly when the ambient temperature is between 0°C and 20°C. It is recommended that you charge the earphones at a temperature between 20°C and 45°C.
  • When the battery level is between 95% and 100%, the earphones will charge in low-current mode (also called low-power mode) to protect the lifespan of the battery, and it will take longer to fully charge the battery. This is normal and does not affect the normal use of the earphones.
  • When the charging case is fully charged and the charger is not removed, the charging icon will still be displayed on the right side of the charging case's battery level in the AI Life app. However, charging has actually stopped. The icon will disappear when you remove the charger.
  • The amount of the current going through the electronic device changes at different stages when charging and the corresponding inductor will vibrate slightly, thereby generating a buzzing sound. The product has obtained safety certification and passed strict safety tests. This is a normal phenomenon and does not pose any safety risks.
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