Reset all settings

Applicable products: Tablet,Smartphone
Applicable products:
Reset all settings

When resetting all settings of your phone, all settings including the following will be reset:

  • Network settings
  • Fingerprints
  • Face Recognition data
  • Lock screen password
  • Bluetooth
  • Home screen & wallpaper
  • App permissions settings

No data or documents will be deleted.

  1. Open Settings, and then search for and access Reset all settings.
  2. On the Reset all settings screen, touch Reset all settings.
  3. Enter your Lock screen password, and touch Reset all settings again.

You will not be asked to enter the lock screen password, if it has not been set.

  1. For EMUI 5.0, go to SettingsAdvanced settingsBackup & reset. Resetting all settings will cause the App twin feature to be disabled, resulting in data loss. Please back up twin app data before resetting all settings.
  2. After all settings are reset, you will be asked to verify the App lock password when you wish to use your newly enrolled facial or fingerprint data to Access App lock.
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