How to do an OTA update?

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Start With
You will get a notification when a new software update is available. We recommand you to update your device to the latest software version in order to enjoy its best performance
Follow these steps
Make sure that your device is connected to the Internet.Use a Wi-Fi network to avoid consuming your mobile data.

The battery must be charged at least 30% during the update process.

DO NOT USE unauthorized third-party software to install firmware and updates. It may damage your phone or disclose your personal information.

After update, some third-party apps may be incompatible with the new system version. Wait for the developer to release a new version of the apps.
Step 1
Open the Settings, and choose System. Tap System update and then Check for updates. The device will automatically look for updates.
Step 2
If a new update is available, tap New version and select Install Now or schedule the update to be installed Overnight.
Step 3
If no update is found, you can select Options and tap Download latest full package.When the system detects an upgrade tap Install Now or schedule the update using the Overnight option.
Step 4
The updating process may take a while, so please be patient.Remember to read the changelog before starting the update. The device will restart automatically when the update is complete.
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