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HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro,    

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With Mate 20 Pro & Mate 20 RS you can bring your favourite toy to life. Scan and transform it into a virtual 3D model that you can later use in videos or play with in real-life environments.
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For your information
If you want to use this feature you have to download the 3D Live Maker app from Google Play.

For the moment, 3D scanning only works on Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 RS.

For best results, we recommend to place the objects you want to scan on an even surface, without shadows or other objects around. Also make sure there is enough light.

This function works best with plush or plastic toys which are between 15 and 35 cm in length and have well-defined, cartoonish features.

Try to avoid scanning round or square objects (for example boxes or balls), transparent or deformable objects.
Scanning Process
To scan an object open 3D Live Maker app, press and then tap Get Started.

Hold the device in landscape mode and point the front camera towards the item you want to scan. Incline the device to 45 degrees until the entire object is visible in the viewfinder. When the phone sucessfully identifies it, tap to start scanning.

Hold the phone steady and easily move it downwards until it is parallel to the object. Then slowly rotate the toy until the blue area in the viewfinder disappears.

If the blue area is too large, hold the phone still until the blue area narrows. If a red area appears in the viewfinder, then the device is too close to the object; adjust the distance and continue scanning.
Watch the video
When the progress bar on the screen is full, press to create the model.

This may take a while, so wait patiently and do not use the phone in the meantime.

When the model is created, reposition and save it.

Now you can play with the 3D model or use it in pictures and videos.
Virtual Enviroment
In the 3D Live Maker app, select the model you created and then press AR. When the model is facing you, tap Next. Now you can use the model in a virtual environment.

Press and select an animation effect, such as Walk, Ballet or Kung Fu. Use the joystick to move the model around.

You can also take pictures and videos with the 3D model, by pressing or .
Real-world Enviroment
To use the model in a real-world environment press AR and point the camera towards an open space. Then follow the on-screen instructions untill the 3D model appears in the scene.
Now you can use an animation effect or move the model around with the joystick.

You can even interact with the 3D model; if a person is in the scene, the model will try to imitate his or her gestures.

Press or to take pictures or videos.
Have Fun!
This feature is still under development so the results may vary. Try out this function and make the best out of your phone's inovating features. Stay tuned for further updates.
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