Why does the phone get stuck on the update screen?

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During the update process, the device may get stuck on the update screen. There are several situations to be taken into consideration:
Update Situations!
Situation 1
If you have installed a lot of apps on your phone or if you are installing a major version update, the process may take longer than usual. Wait for the update to finish before using the device.
Situation 2
If the HOTA update package was downloaded a long time ago, the update may fail. In this case, try to download the update package again and resume the upgrade process.
Situation 3
If the update process takes more than 30 minutes, try performing a forced update via HiSuite:
- download and install the latest version of HiSuite on your computer
- connect the phone to the computer using the standard USB cable
- press the volume down and power button simultaneously on your phone to enter FASTBOOT mode.
You may have to wait for a few seconds.
- follow the on-screen instructions to perform the forced update.
Situation 4
If the problem is not solved, take your device and the proof of purchase to a Huawei Service Center for assistance.



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