HUAWEI Display B3-243H

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23.8 inch FHD Monitor
Level-1 Energy Efficiency | eBook Mode1 | 90% P3 Color Gamut2
Expansive View, Enhanced Performance
HUAWEI Display B3-243H is a sight to see, thanks to a 23.8-inch FullView Display3, 92% screen-to-body ratio3, presenting your best creations and favorite content in all its splendor.
92% screen-to-body ratio
Pro-level P3 Color Gamut
Thanks to a 90% P3 color gamut2, you'll find all of your content faithfully rendered in true-to-life splendor, with vibrant effects from end-to-end. Each HUAWEI Display B3-243H has undergone professional color calibration before leaving the factory, which ensures that the colors displayed on the screen are as close as possible to those that you see in the real world.
3000:1 contrast ratio
P3 color gamut2
16.7 million colors
pro-level color accuracy4
Enriching Display Full of Detail
HUAWEI Display B3-243H supports a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz5, the smooth images making office work more enjoyable.
Takes Eye Health to Heart
This display obtained SGS low visual fatigue certification6, and TÜV Rheinland low blue light7 and flicker-free certifications, to effectively reduce eye fatigue8.
SGS low visual fatigue certification
TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification
TÜV Rheinland flicker-free certification
Paper-Like Reading Display
eBook Mode1: Paper-like display effects1 and automatically thickened fonts will put your eyes and mind at ease, so that you read away on a boundless screen, without a care in the world.
Energy saving for sustainable development
Save 802 kWh of electricity* per year
Reduce CO2 emissions by 381 kg* per year
Plant 16 trees*
per year
* This data is obtained from Huawei labs and is compared with the B3-243H monitor of the same specification per hundred.
Five-Way Joystick, One-Step Operations
Make the interaction more intuitive and convenient, by embracing newly interactive five-way joystick, which allows you to create a custom OSD menu, and enjoy seamless navigation.
Comfortable from Any Angle
The monitor's stand design supports free tilt angle adjustments9, keeping your back loose and limber, whether you're at work or at play.
Versatile Port Setup, for Efficient Transmission
Inline ports on the rear of the monitor facilitate seamless connections to a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktops, and game consoles, with DP and HDMI port support to meet your full range of office and entertainment needs.
Power port
DP port
HDMI port
Tried-and-Test Capabilities
900+ hours
40℃ high temperature and
90% humidity,
working test
15,000 times
Five-way joystick,
durability test
1000 times
Port plug/unplug,
endurance test
3000 times
Tilt angle adjustments,
durability test
10,000 volts
ESD protection
Low-radiation certification
Complies with the class B low-radiation certification, creating a healthy,
eco-friendly environment
*Data comes from Huawei labs. Test results may vary depending on the model, test environment, and test conditions.
  1. The paper-like display effect is relative to other LCD displays. This product does not come equipped with an E Ink display. Please refer to the actual experience.
  2. 90% P3 color gamut is a typical value, and also includes the 99% sRGB color gamut.
  3. FullView display is a commonly used term within the industry, and generally refers to screens with narrow bezels and a high screen-to-body ratio. The 92% screen-to-body ratio comes from Huawei labs. Actual data may vary depending on the individual model, measurement method, and testing conditions. Please refer to the actual experience.
  4. ΔE < 2 is a typical value for the average color accuracy (sRGB) when it leaves the factory. The actual color accuracy may vary slightly depending on the screen usage duration, testing instruments, and other factors. Please refer to the actual experience.
  5. The screen supports a refresh rate of up to 75 Hz, and can be changed in the system settings. Please refer to the actual experience.
  6. SGS, which was founded in 1878, is an internationally recognized testing, inspection, and certification authority. Low visual fatigue certification is a standard jointly launched by SGS and the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS), which comprehensively evaluates the amount of visual fatigue resulting from the use of products.
  7. Test conditions for the certification: When Eye Comfort mode is enabled, the display effects passed the TÜV Rheinland low blue light tests. This product is not a medical device, and should not be used for treatment purposes. Actual effects may vary depending on the wavelength of the light source and level of energy reduction. This product is not a medical device, and should not be used for treatment purposes. Actual effects may vary depending on the wavelength of the light source and level of energy reduction.
  8. This product is not a medical device, and should not be used for treatment purposes.
  9. The tilt angle range is –3° (±2°) to 22° (±2°). The actual range may vary depending on the model. Please refer to the actual product.
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