HUAWEI MatePad C5e

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HUAWEI MatePad C5e
HUAWEI MatePad C5e
High Quality | Stable System | Huawei Share
Built for Business
HUAWEI MatePad C5e- business service
Customised Homescreen
exclusive startup animation
HUAWEI MatePad C5e- business service
Application Keep-Alive
constant background running of client apps
HUAWEI MatePad C5e- business service
Function Disable
disable of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, USB port, etc.
HUAWEI MatePad C5e- business service
Application Authorization
installation of client-specified software only
HUAWEI MatePad C5e- business service
Network Management
access of client-specified URL only
HUAWEI MatePad C5e- business service
APN Settings
custom APN access point to access intranet

*APN settings are only supported by the LTE version, please refer to actual use situation.

**Except for application keep-alive, third-party MDM adaptation is required.

***For more information about customization needs, please refer to your local custom service.

Secured Data,
Superior Protection
To ensure data security, HUAWEI MatePad C5e encrypts user data and lock screen passwords, and stores data between different apps in independently seperated directories that cannot be accessed by other apps. When the device is recycled or restored to factory settings, a secure wipe function is provided to permanently erase data to prevent unauthorised recovery.
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-security
Data Independence
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-security
Secure Erasure
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-security
Huawei's self-developed 8-core chip, with a large core frequency of up to 2.0 GHz, delivers fast response and a smooth experience further enhanced by kernel optimisation, making the most out of the valuable office hours.
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-performance
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-Huawei share
Fast and Effective
With Huawei Share, files can be transferred quickly from your phone or tablet without data plan needed, so that even the largest files can be dispatched to the right place for you.
Certified Eye
By enabling Eye Protection mode, HUAWEI MatePad C5e can effectively reduces the damage caused by blue light and thus mitigate visual fatigue on its TÜV Rheinland-certified low blue light display1. When using HUAWEI MatePad C5e in dark places, switch to the Dark Mode to experience a soft dark light interface and avoid bright light stimulation. It also supports automatic brightness adjustment adapting to environmental light conditions. Last but not lease, enjoy a more pleasant reading experience through e-Book Mode, no matter on commute or in your own office.
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-eye comfort
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-eye comfort
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-eye comfort
eBook mode Eye Comfort Dark mode
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-pogopin
Versatile Pogo-Pin
HUAWEI MatePad C5e not only allows quick data transfer and tablet charging, but also broadens the way you work and learn with its Pogo-Pin peripheral2, boosting efficiency, even when you're on the go.
Long Battery Life
With 5100 mAh (typical value)3 large battery, HUAWEI MatePad C5e offers up to 600 hours of standby time, ready for you when inspiration comes to knock.
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-battery
Greater View,
Greater Vision
The large 10.1-inch Full HD display with 80% screen-to-body ratio4, coupled with HUAWEI ClariVu™ technology, presents an expansive view with clear details, making it ideal for day-to-day work and video conferencing on the move.
HUAWEI MatePad C5e-screen
  1. HUAWEI MatePad C5e received TÜV Rheinland Low Blue light certification. Low Blue Light Certification Test Conditions: when Eye Comfort mode is enabled, display effect has passed the TÜV Rheinland low blue light tests (excluding colour temperature adjustment). The low blue light eye protection mode needs to be turned on in the settings, and the screen will appear more yellow than normal after it is turned on. This product is not for medical use.
  2. Only the Wi-Fi version BZI-W00 comes with Pogo-Pin. The specific product model and function support may vary depending on markets.
  3. Battery capacity is a typical value, data comes from Huawei Labs. Actual use may vary due to individual product differences, software versions, use conditions and environmental factors, please refer to actual use.
  4. Screen-to-body ratio calculation method: AA area/front TP area.
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