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track ai

Making a Real Difference

There are 19 million children with visual impairment in the world.
Half of all blindness in children is preventable or treatable.

However, detection of visual disorders in childhood requires a specialised paediatric ophthalmologist, and even then - it is very complex to examine children at a very young age with whom we cannot communicate.

We aim to develop an easy-to-use, portable, and affordable device for non-trained professionals to identify these children with visual disorders as soon as possible, ideally when they are only babies. The aim of the Track.Ai project is to achieve a world without visually impaired children.


How it works

DIVE device

DIVE device

DIVE Medical (Devices for an Integral Visual Examination.) a start-up under development for the past 5 years, presents different stimuli on a high resolution screen, and captures the gaze of the patient using an eye tracker.

AI analysis

AI analysis

Huawei’s HiAI is incorporated within the DIVE platform and this combination unleashes the potential not only to measure the visual function, but also to estimate the probability of the patient having a certain pathology

Technician analysis

Technician analysis

A technician will be able to use the HUAWEI P30 device as an interface to analyse live data and make an assessment whether a child has a visual impairment and what actions can be taken to correct the child’s eye sight.

An international effort

Developing a system based on AI requires gathering data from thousands of children. During this unique collaboration between Huawei and our DIVE start-up, 18 ophthalmologists from 5 different countries across 3 continents will collect data from children either with normal visual development or with a wide range of visual disorders.

We are partnering with global research hubs in the Spain, Mexico, Russia, Vietnam and China.

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