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Smart Living at Your Fingertips

HUAWEI HiLink is dedicated in creating a smart and quality home experience for you and your family by efficiently and intelligently connecting you with a variety of your smart home devices. For example, you can turn on the air conditioner and set the temperature in your living room while on your way home, or lock the doors with a single touch from your bed before you sleep.

Welcome home!
The moment you enter your home, the living room lights, air conditioner, air purifier, audio player, curtains, and so on, will automatically turn on and adjust to your preference.
Cook with ease!
No time for cooking classes? Not sure what to cook tonight? Simply swipe and touch to easily make delicious gourmets.
Enjoy the moment!
No time for movie theaters? Why not enjoy hit movies at the comfort of your own home? Need a well-established fitness program? Your personal Fitness Assistant has you covered. Ran the beach yesterday, how about a bike ride around Central Park tonight?
Sweet dreams!
Will Snow White find her prince charming…? Let us find out together.
What a beautiful day!
The sunshine has filled the bedroom, ready for breakfast?
Hope you have a nice day!
Close the door and rest assured, everything will be in perfect order when you come back.
Control various HiLink devices from a single app
HUAWEI HiLink devices are all produced by the industry's top manufacturers. Currently, HUAWEI has more than 50 core partners covering over 100 categories and products in 8 major fields (and ongoing), including environment, kitchen, electric, entertainment, health, security, lighting, energy management, and automation. All products are certified by HUAWEI to ensure you a peace of mind.