What is HUAWEI HiLink?

The common language of smart homes
HiLink is a smart home interconnection platform developed by HUAWEI that offers interconnection and interworking solutions between all types of smart devices. In addition, it enables access and communication between devices from different manufacturers to achieve full information transfer and sharing, and provides users with high-quality home experiences through active or passive smart linkage.
An ecosystem with industry's mainstream smart home products and services
The partnership between HUAWEI and its partners is based the principle of "openness" and "shared benefits". HUAWEI provides liteOS, IoT chips, and SDK technologies to achieve better interconnections between all types of smart device, while HUAWEI's partners focus on providing smart hardware and services in their specialized fields. The strong alliance allows HUAWEI to build a win-win ecosystem.
Cloud-based smart home solutions
HiLink is a cloud-based smart home solution. HiLink Smart Home Solution = Cloud + APP + HUAWEI Connect Products + Eco-partners' Hardware
HUAWEI HiLink Smart Home Architecture
Two ecosystems linked by A smartphone & HiLink
HUAWEI HiLink Smart Home Architecture-Phone
Connecting users through smartphones
smartphones shipped worldwide
HUAWEI account users
Active users/month
HUAWEI Smart Home app
Aggregation of services through a single app
View the status of your home at a glance
Scene-based control with a single touch
One-stop purchase for smart home devices
Easy configuration shared among all devices
HUAWEI HiLink Smart Home Architecture-Phone
Hi-OS router, IoT cloud, HiLink router, HiLink SDK
High-speed and stable connection
Secure sharing of data
Simple and efficient integration
Precise perception & AI
HUAWEI HiLink smart home ecosystem development history
Strategy announced
December 12th of 2015, HUAWEI announced its HiLink strategy, marking its entry into the field of smart homes
Planning announced
2016 Appliance & electronic World Expo (AWE), HUAWEI announced its long-term HiLink plan and goals
Ecosystem taken shape
2016 HUAWEI Connect, HUAWEI announced its HiLink ecosystem had taken shape
2017 AWE, HUAWEI showcased the new smart home experience covering various scenarios
HUAWEI HiLink smart devices are all produced by the industry's top manufacturers. Currently, HUAWEI has more than 50 core partners covering over 100 categories and products in 8 major fields (and ongoing), including environment, kitchen, electric, entertainment, health, security, lighting, energy management, and automation. All these products are certified by HUAWEI to ensure you a peace of mind.
By gathering the actual operational data from smart devices, the Smart Home app enables you to easily control the overall situation in your home. For example, you can enter the phone mall, quickly purchase the latest smart home products, and more, all with a single touch, so you and your family can easily enjoy the smart life to the full extent.