My phone gets overheated

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My phone gets overheated


The phone heats up or gets overheated when being used.


  1. Using the device during charging will increase heat.
  2. The heat dissipation of the phone or tablet is limited. For example, the ambient heat dissipation conditions are poor or the ambient temperature is high.
  3. When the phone or tablet is in use, components such as the screen, audio module, signal module, and CPU are working and generate heat. Therefore, it is normal that the device heats up.


  1. Keep using your phone or tablet after it is fully charged. Do not use it while charging.
  2. Do not place your phone in a place with poor heat dissipation, such as quilts and blankets. Avoid using accessories such as protective cases with poor heat dissipation performance. When using the phone outdoors, the ambient temperature is high. Avoid using the phone in direct sunlight.
  3. Overheating is a common phenomenon. Huawei phones and tablets use Huawei's unique power-saving technology and overheat protection circuits to protect your phone and tablet to the maximum extent. Please rest assured that you can use the following debugging methods to reduce power consumption:
    1. Go to Settings > Battery. In the power consumption rankings of apps, tap an app, tap Launch settings, and then you can select Auto-launch, Secondary launch and Run in background as desired;
    2. Choose Settings > Display and Brightness, turn on the Automatic brightness adjustment switch, and set Screen resolution and Screen refresh rate to Smart and Dynamic.
    3. Go to Settings > Apps & services > Permission manager, touch the More options menu in the upper right corner, go to Special access > Battery optimization, and touch the apps one by one to change the setting from Don't allow to Allow;
    4. You are advised to clear background applications in a timely manner. Power-intensive applications will continuously occupy CPU resources, which may cause heat and power consumption.

If your phone or tablet is overheating or the temperature does not drop after you restart your phone or tablet, back up your data and go to a service center nearby for help.

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