Benefits of SuperCharge compared to QuickCharge and standard charging

Applicable products: Tablet,Smartphone
Applicable products:
Benefits of SuperCharge compared to QuickCharge and standard charging

SuperCharge offers charging that is smarter, faster, and safer than QuickCharge and standard charging.

Smarter charging

SuperCharge-enabled devices contain a smart charging chip that communicates with chargers through Huawei's proprietary Smart Charging Protocol (SCP). This protocol adjusts the charging current and voltage as needed, providing faster and more efficient charging. This also avoids any unnecessary losses of efficiency caused by the internal voltage transformation of the phone.

Faster charging

Huawei SuperCharge is one of the fastest charging technologies in the world. Smart adjustment of the charging voltage raises charging efficiency by reducing unnecessary energy loss.

Safer charging

  • SuperCharge features five-fold charging protection in terms of the charger design, Type-C port, smart charging chip, current shunt, and battery protection. Moreover, each protection module offers independent voltage protection, current protection, and thermal protection, allowing safer charging, while also prolonging the lifespan of the battery.
  • Your phone adjusts the charging voltage and current automatically depending on the type of charger and cable that you use. Your phone will also disable fast charging automatically when you plug in a cable that does not support SuperCharge.

Charging modes

The charging modes include standard charging, QuickCharge, and SuperCharge.

The charging icon varies depending on the charging mode. Please identify the charging mode based on the following information.

For more information about SuperCharge, see The phone cannot enter fast charging or super fast charging mode.

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