Green Recycling Program
  1. Recycling Method

HUAWEI will work with you to build a greener world! We will make it possible!

Used cell phones, tablets and batteries that are carelessly discarded or improperly disposed of may cause serious environmental problems and jeopardize your health and safety. To properly dispose of used cell phones, tablets and batteries, promote resource recycling and protect the environment, Huawei will recycle your used cell phones, tablets and batteries free of charge to help build a greener world. All mobile/cellular phone models, tablets and mobile batteries regardless of the manufactirer will be accepted.

Learn more about the contributions that Huawei makes to build a greener world.

To maximize resource usage, Huawei effectively processes recycled cell phones, tablets and batteries in an eco-friendly way by using the following methods:

  • Proceses electronic waste through certified recyclers
  • Complies with local environmental laws and regulations for the processing of electronic waste.
  • Reduces electronic waste being put in to landfill to a minimum.