E-waste Recycling Program

Data Security丨Professional Disassembly丨Eco Processing

● Data Security

● Professional Disassembly

● Eco Processing

Scope of Recycling How to Participate

Recycling, a new life to the e-waste

Huawei is committed to waste reduction, recycling, and reuse.
We recycle them, dismantle them and extract resources to maximize the recycled e-waste.
It all takes a little bit of your effort.

Data Security

HUAWEI’s recycling partners will completely demagnetize, erase, and physically destroy the storage media in the e-waste to prevent your personal data from being disclosed.
* Tips: Before putting your e-waste into the recycling bin, back up and delete your personal data. HUAWEI and its recycling partners are not responsible for the loss of any files or data.

Professional Disassembly

HUAWEI’s recycling partners have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. The disassembly process complies with national laws and regulations.

Eco Processing

Recycled e-waste will be eco processed, raw materials are separated from them, such as copper, cobalt salt/iron, aluminum, copper sand, resin powder, and plastic, which will finally be reused in manufacturing new electronics or other products.

Scope of Recycling

Cell phones, tablets, laptops, wireless routers, smart watches/bands, data cards, STB hosts, fixed-line phones etc and accessories of any brand that you no longer use.

How to Participate

1Discontinue your carrier service for the mobile device or have it transferred to another mobile device and pay any outstanding amounts to the carrier.

2Transfer or back up the data on your mobile device or tablet, and then delete the data on the mobile device or tablet and any other storage devices in the mobile device or tablet.

3Completely discharge your mobile device battery or your tablet battery.

4To receive additional instructions and guidance on how to erase your personal data safely and securely on your device or restore your device to its factory settings, you can e-mail us at support@huawei.us.

5Remove any removable products that you do not want to return, such as accessories, earplugs and chargers.

6E-mail us at support@huawei.us and let us know that you wish to return and recycle your mobile device/battery or tablet. If you would like us to provide appropriate packaging for mailing, please let us know this as well.

7After gathering pertinent information on you and your device/battery or tablet, a prepaid self-addressed shipping label, and if requested, appropriate packaging for mailing, will be sent to you. A valid email address will be required.

8Affix your pre-paid shipping label from Huawei to your package and mail your mobile device or tablet and/or battery to us.

9If you choose to provide your own packaging, please place your mobile device or tablet, battery and/or accessory in a secured mailing package. Please ship to:
Huawei Device USA Inc.
Attn: Recycle
5700 Tennyson Pkwy, Suite 600
Plano, TX 75024