HUAWEI MateStation B515

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HUAWEI MateStation B515 KV
Steady to Accelerate
A Powerful Chip,
Lightning-fast Processing
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Processor
Handles Heavy Tasks with Ease
HUAWEI MateStation B515 is equipped with the AMD Ryzen™ 5 4600G Processor and integrated Radeon™ Graphics for lightning-fast data processing and a smooth working experience, even when handling multiple, complex tasks.
Data Driven Faster
Enjoy fast access to all your information with high-speed SSD. Get the DDR4 Memory for even quicker performance with HUAWEI MateStation B515.
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Work
Quiet Cooling, Stable Performance
Low-noise fan
When you’re pushing at the limits, that’s when the specially designed cooling system in HUAWEI MateStation B515 takes the temperature down. Smart temperature control ensures quiet fan operation, while the asymmetric fan blades greatly improve heat dissipation efficiency.
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Heat Dissipation
Wind Valley Cooling System
Like wind through a valley, the Wind Valley Cooling System precisely manages the circulation of air. Hot air is expelled through a dedicated air duct, allowing the system to be cooled rapidly for long-term stability.
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Heat Dissipation
Rigorously Tested for Reliability
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  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test

    Solar Radiation

  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test

    Low Pressure (Altitude)

  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test


  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test

    High Temperature

  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test

    Low Temperature

  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test

    Temperature Shock

  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test

    Sand and Dust

  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test


  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test


  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test

    Mechanical Vibrations of
    shipboard equipment

  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test


  • HUAWEI MateStation B515 Test


Huawei Share
Unbelievable Efficiency

Grid design
The Cutting Edge of Aesthetics
The exterior grille design on HUAWEI MateStation B515 presents a well-ordered, minimalist look, based on the aesthetic of clean, straight lines.
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Box ID
Innovative Design Blends Aesthetics and Technology
HUAWEI MateStation B515 System Unit
HUAWEI MateStation B515 System Unit
HUAWEI MateStation B515 System Unit
Compact chassis
Saves More Space
The compact chassis makes it ideal for small offices where space is at a premium. When powered on, the front USB-C port supports Quick Charge.3 It has built-in dual-antenna Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 modules for easy wireless connectivity.
Smart Keyboard4
Secure and User-friendly
The keyboard has an ultra-thin design, metallic finish, and key travel of 2.5 mm, for just the right amount of 'bounce' when you type. Plus, it features a Fingerprint Power Button for fast, one-touch power-on and log-in.
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Keyboard
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Keyboard

One-touch startup

HUAWEI MateStation B515 Keyboard HUAWEI MateStation B515 Keyboard HUAWEI MateStation B515 Keyboard HUAWEI MateStation B515 Keyboard
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Keyboard

Tap to connect

23.8-inch FullView Display
Offers an Expansive Viewing Area
The ultra-thin bezels on HUAWEI Display 23.8" allow an up-to 90% screen-to-body ratio5 for a wide viewing area. The display has passed the Germany TÜV Rheinland Certification for eye protection, reducing eye fatigue during extended use.6
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Fullview Display
HUAWEI MateStation B515 Fullview Display

TÜV Rheinland boasts over 140 years of history for quality accreditation covering 6 major professional research domains of displays and offers authoritative certification for the quality of eye-protection of mobile phone displays.

1.HUAWEI Wired Keyboard with NFC sensor is required.

2.Huawei Share supports Multi-screen Collaboration between Huawei phones and the HUAWEI MateStation B515. Only certain types of files and mobile apps support this function. If you have any questions about related functions when purchasing or using, click on the link to learn more about Huawei Share.

3.The charged device should support the 9 V/2 A Quick Charge protocol.

4.The keyboard is optional. Functions may vary for different models.

5.The test data is obtained from Huawei labs. The screen-to-body ratio represents the ratio of viewing display size with the total display size.

6.TÜV Rheinland has certified the display as flicker-free and as having low blue light emissions. Test conditions for the TÜV Rheinland certificate for low blue light: Conduct the test when the Eye Protection Mode is enabled (Color temperature cannot be adjusted in this mode). This product is not a medical device and does not have therapeutic function.

*Product appearance is for reference purposes only.