Aug 02. 2022

Inspire the World! HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 Kicks Off

“Inspire the World” – HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 has been officially announced on 1st August, 2022. Designed to attract the next generation of photographic creators, the HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards encourages entrants to submit compelling, high-quality masterpieces that are full of youthfulness, warmth, energy and optimism, which can best capture the beauty of our everyday lives. The deadline for entries is midnight on 15th November, 2022, Beijing Standard Time (GMT +8).

Inspire the World! HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 Kicks Off

The HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards is an important part of the company’s NEXT IMAGE Plan and serves as a platform for global conversations on mobile photography, the experience of shooting on smartphone cameras, and new forms of expression. Established in 2017, the competition has been held for five consecutive years, attracting HUAWEI phone users from over 170 countries and regions, and accumulating approximately 3.26 million entries.

Compared with 2021, this year’s competition added five new categories, which includes Art & Fashion and Sport, as well as three video categories entitled Action, Storytelling Short Film and Storytelling Long Film. Mentioning the prizes this year, the NEXT IMAGE Awards will also provide all winners with the opportunity to collaborate with partnered media and to receive official event invitations, which can ultimately allow them to further their photographic experience.

This year’s NEXT IMAGE Awards has also welcomed a new panel of judges and partners, with a total of five professional judges. They include the ELLE China Editorial Director – Nicole Xue, Italian photographer and artist – Federico Ciamei, Romanian photographer – Mihaela Noroc, the Vice President of the Communication University of China, Nanjing and Vice President of the China Photographers Association, Chen Xiaobo and the Vice President of the Consumer Strategy Marketing Dept at the HUAWEI Consumer Business Group, Li Changzhu. Together, they make up a team of photography experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences that can jointly review, discuss, and select the final winners.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 consists of nine conceptual categories, which include:
Art & Fashion are the ultimate form of self-expression.
Capture a moment of that inspires you.

Open the front door and look around, inspiration can be found everywhere.
Capture what the outdoors means to you.

A portrait can speak a thousand words.
Capture the truth of your subject.

Sports combine action with emotion.
Capture a sporting moment that excites you.

An inspiring, surprising or emotional moment, straight from daily life.
Capture a slice of life from the world around you.

A series of 3 to 9 photos that tell a story or unpack a moment through different perspectives.
Capture the journey of your subject.

Being in the heart of the action can make your heart beat faster, and your pupils dilute.
In 30 seconds or less, capture a moment of action that moved you.

Short Film: 5 min or less

Long Film: 5-30 min

Every story has a character people will love, hate, support or fear, tell a story to inspire the world.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards, through different categories, is a platform for worldwide users to showcase their masterpieces. Visit the global official NEXT IMAGE Awards website to submit your entries or submit your work through HUAWEI Community. All submissions to the HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards must be captured on HUAWEI phones. There are no restrictions on when you take the photos/videos or which model of HUAWEI phone you use. For more details, please visit the official NEXT IMAGE Awards website.

The contest will select 3 Grand Prize Winners, 24 Category Winners, and 27 Runner-up Winners, and the prizes are as below:
• Grand Prize Winners
USD$10,000 each from the NEXT IMAGE Creation Fund

• Best-in-Category Winners
USD$1500 each from the NEXT IMAGE Creation Fund

• Runner-up Winners
HUAWEI P50 Pro (8+256G) each

We look forward to your participation in the HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022. For more details and contest rules, please visit the official website: